Top 5 Facts About Chau Van Singing – Discover the Magic

Chau Van Singing

In the heart of Vietnam’s rich cultural tapestry lies Chau Van singing, an ancient art form that seamlessly intertwines spirituality, music, and performance. This captivating tradition, often referred to as “Hat Van” or “Hat Bong,” has captivated audiences for centuries, transcending mere entertainment to serve as a profound spiritual expression and a bridge to the ethereal realm. A Journey into the … Read more

Crockpot Hot Apple Cider-the easy way!

The best thing about this crockpot hot apple cider is that it stays the perfect temperature during the entire party. Well that, and it tastes delicious! The simplest way to make hot apple cider in a crockpot. This is perfect for holiday parties because it stays warm. Ingredients 1 gallon apple cider (I use Treetop … Read more

(Bun Mang Vit) How to cook Vietnamese soft and delicious duck bamboo shoot vermicelli at home

bun mang vit

Duck bamboo shoot vermicelli is a unique and beautiful dish thanks to the combination of delicious chewy duck meat and the sweet flavor of the broth. Let’s go into the kitchen and make duck bamboo shoot noodles right away! Ingredients for making Duck Bamboo Vermicelli 1/2 duck(700gr) Fresh bamboo shoots 250 gr Straw mushrooms 500 gr Duck blood 100 gr … Read more

Introduction to Banh Mi Ga Nuong

Step into the tantalizing world of Banh Mi Ga Nuong, a Vietnamese delight uniting succulent grilled chicken and crisp vegetables within a crusty baguette. Uncover the fascinating history and cultural importance of this iconic dish in Vietnamese cuisine. Origin and Fusion of Flavors Originating from Vietnam, Banh Mi Ga Nuong has been savored for generations. … Read more

The Beauty Of Vietnamese Silk Painting

Vietnamese silk painting is a renowned art form celebrated for its exquisite beauty, intricate details, and rich cultural heritage. This article delves into the world of famous Vietnamese silk paintings, exploring their history, techniques, and the renowned artists who have shaped this unique tradition. Famous Vietnamese Silk Painters: Nguyen Phan Chanh: A pioneer in modern Vietnamese … Read more