French Village in Ba Na Mountain

Recently, Ba Na Hills Resort has put into operation stage 1 of French Village Complex on the top of Ba Na Mountain. This is a distinctive architectural complex built on the total area of 45,300m², including the system of four-star hotels with 162 rooms in miniature French village landscape with the large square, ancient church, post,ect.

French Village is inspired by the journey around France of Pigneau de Behaine – the first foreigner arrived in Ba Na. This place is a vivid picture of a romantic and elegant France with bushes of night-mist roses, ancient houses with spire roofs hidden in the fog.

To French Village, visitors will be immersed in the antique, majestic and romantic space with sophisticated architecture representing French regions. Typically, Britany Town features authentic French culture characteristics, including thick stone walls, sharp sloping roofs, large yards and St Denis Church with arch roof, rough stone walls and colorful windows in the shape of rose petals. Besides, French Village Complex also includes scalloped-shape Conques Aveyron Village, peaceful and pristine Apremont sur Allier village and Chenonceau Castle with elegant, luxurious and ancient beauty.

French Village’s hotel system has harmonious architecture with natural landscape. All rooms have large windows forgreat nature view and refreshing wind, which bring visitors the pleasure of enjoying the beauty of Ba Na Hill’s four seasons in a day and village’s surroundings. In addition to the hotel system, French Village offers fully convenient services such as conference hall, spa, indoor swimming pool, restaurant system, outdoor bars and cafes, recreation activities for adults and children.

Hailed as “the green lung” and “valuable gem” – a nature gift for Da Nang City, Ba Na has the annual average temperature of 15-20°C with four seasons in a day and diversified flora and fauna with 256 animal species and 543 plant species. Besides, four World Guinness Records were set for Ba Na Cable Car, including the longest single-wire cable car, the highest difference between the departure and arrival terminals, the longest non-stop cable car and the heaviest cable roll. Mountain climbing train – a unique tourism product in Ba Na – offers visitors spectacular views of this mountain. Ba Na also has Fantasy Park – the only indoor amusement park in Viet Nam located on top of the mountain. Coming to Ba Na, visitors can enjoy fresh air and wonderful sceneries found nowhere.


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