Ky Van Tourism Area

Located at the foot of the Minh Dam Mountain Range, Ky Van Tourism Area (Anoasis Beach Resort) seems to be hidden in the peaceful and calm bay of Long Hai, one of the most beautiful bays in Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province.

After a long sleep, the land which is as beautiful as a painting was awakened when Long Hai Tourism Company coordinated with Hoang Cung Company Ltd., in Ho Chi Minh City to invest in the area in 1997. Only after one year, Anoasis Beach Resort was founded in the area thanks to the cooperation of Ba Ria -Vung Tau Tourism Company, Hoang Dung Company Ltd., and Anoa Dussol Perran, a French Vietnamese.

Arriving at the entrance of the tourism area, tourists are charmed by an airy and quiet space with a green grass meadow and rows of Su (frangipani) trees. The tourism area was built on a hill with a harmonious architecture. Standing at any corner of the area, tourists can have a panoramic view of the beautiful landscape of Long Hai Bay with long white sandy beaches and rows of casuarina blowing in the wind. Endowed by nature with a cool climate, the area boasts red phoenixes in summer and brilliant cherry blossoms in spring.

Visiting the area, tourists can rent a villa or a small wooden house built under the canopy of trees which are surrounded by green grass carpets and stone-paved paths. From the balcony of each villa, tourists can enjoy the fresh air from the sea and the romantic landscape at sunrise or sunset.

Thanks to its architectural style and a wonderful space, Ky Van has been recognized as a “Heaven for Vacations and Honeymoons” by Asian Paradise Magazine, Australia.

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