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Living in the city – where there are fewer and fewer trees, gardens and birds – urbanites tend to lose touch with their physical senses. We miss the days of walking along the street and following the scent of a flower in season. These days, traffic jams and the din of motorbikes overwhelm everything.

In the great civilizations of Asia and Europe, people took care of the body and sensual being as their link to the spiritual. Public baths were very popular in Europe, the Middle East and Japan, while herbal medicines were used in Asian homes to relax and recover from a fever or heavy cold.

For special occasions such as the New Year, a holiday at a beachside spa is a thoughtful way of thanking your body and spirit. One such place is Life Wellness Resort Quy Nhon, which is famous for its Cham-style architecture, private beach of white sand, and especially its spa.

Located inside the resort amid trees and floral trellises, Life Spa features thatched-roof bungalows facing either the beach or the garden.

Life Spa stimulates all the senses. From the forward facing bungalow I could see fishermen on their colorful boats and the azure sea with waves that stretch as far as the eye can see, as the gentle wind touched my face while two therapists massaged me from tip to toe.

The people at Life Spa consider massage to be the oldest form of caring, throughout the world, for health and wellbeing. In Asia, we understand that massage is a sacred art of healing for the emotions and for restoring balance in the body.

Life Spa’s services include dry sand and salt sauna therapy and a four-hand massage. Before having my massage, I sat for 40 minutes buried up to my neck in warm sea salt, which they say is good for the circulation.

Life Wellness Resort Quy Nhon offers a selection of massage therapies to let you experience the power of touch, among them healing massage, aromatic massage, bathing rituals, cleansing rituals and facial classics.

For anyone interested in Asian spa mystery, there are many treatments that utilize Asian techniques such as the Thai-yoga fusion massage, Indian head massage, re-mineralizing Vietnamese mud wrap, Cham steam therapy and the aforementioned dry sand and salt sauna therapy.

The aromatic bliss massage for 60-90 minutes comes with a choice of three oil blends and combines the power of aromatic oils with Oriental and Occidental massage practices. Carefully applied moderate pressure stimulates the nervous system while Swedish techniques using a series of long sweeping strokes and kneading    movements induce relaxation and promote wellbeing.

The bathing rituals menu is also unique. Its aromatic flower bath, exotic coconut milk bath and herbal ocean bath are truly tropical spa experiences that give your skin long lasting hydration, and the fresh rose petals have a wonderful soothing effect on the nerves, mind and body.

Source: By Tina Pham, Thanh Nien News (The story can be found in the August 5th issue of our print edition, Thanh Nien Weekly)

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