Nam Du – the summer destination

Nam Du () is like a “pearl” in the middle of the sea. It is the destination for the people who admire the wild and charming beauty of the South West coast.

About Nam du island

Nam Du is a beautiful archipelago, still pristine in Kien Hai district, Kien Giang, 83 km from Rach Gia by sea. The road to the island is extremely difficult, but if you get to the island you will want to stay here long because the scenery of the island is very impressive, beautiful and romantic.
From Rach Gia City, Kien Giang to Nam Du, the only means is by boat. The best weather to travel to Nam Du Island is in the dry season from January to April when the sea is quite quiet. Guests should choose high-speed train with the price of 210,000VND.
Nam Du Island
Nam Du Island


Setting foot in this beautiful island, you will want to immerse in the space which is like heaven. Nam Du is really suitable for those who want to return to nature and enjoy the cool air, lie on the fine white sand and watching the blue sea and the coconut trees in the wind. That feeling is very peaceful.

The excitement of watching the dawn on the sea made me wake up very early. The sun is like a ball of fire rising out of the ocean. The magnificent scene makes me want to spread my arms wide and breathe in the air and scream in the immense sea. I have started a new day with many great emotions.

In addition to swimming, diving, fishing, watching coral, you can go barefoot in the sand, tent, camp overnight on the island and enjoy the beautiful picture of nature. I believe people will have many beautiful memories which bring sweet feeling when traveling to Nam Du Island.

Popular attractions on the Nam Du archipelago are Hon Ngang, Hon Mau, Hai Bo Dyke, Cay Men Beach. There are also Da Den, Bai Beach, Da Trang beach with clean white sand beaches and clear blue water.

The scenery here is very primitive, not commercialized so the island does not have resort. In return, you are immersed in nature and experience life with the friendly fishing villagers on the island; watch fishermen knit nets, sail, dry dried fish and squid.
Nam Du Island
Nam Du Island
Nam Du is a beautiful destination, however, you also absorb the suffering of the difficulties of people in here during the rainy season. Here, people have to use generators, and buy fresh water for living. Therefore, you should save electricity, water and environmental protection awareness for fishermen and island water in here.

Do not forget to enjoy the dishes that taste the coast of Nam Du archipelago such as grilled green bone fish, greasy grilled onion, grilled ginger eel, sour fish soup …

Nam Du is a relatively quiet archipelago to help you forget the fatigue, tornado of life.

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