Mam thinh in Hoi An

A long time ago, Mam thinh became a popular dish to local people in Hoi An and tourists. Many tourists also choose it as a gift for family. >> >> Coming to Hoi An, the tourists cannot miss Hoi An market where the cultural elite is restored. That is the traditional goods such as chieu … Read more

Can cake in Da Lat

Can cake in Da Lat is a familiar dish but has a special attraction which make the customer wait nearly a hour to enjoy this dish. >> >> Can cake comes from the central region, but when it comes to Da Lat, Can cake makes people not forget. Can cake is made from rice. A … Read more

Phu Tho green tea

Everyone thinks that it is a simple drink when hearing its name: choose some leaves of green tea, clean and put the boiling water into them. It is true but it is not enough to make the green tea in Phu Tho become special. >> >> The green tea is a fresh and cool drink. … Read more

20-year-old squid porridge

With the price at 15,000VND per bowl, the squid porridge in Pho Duc Chinh street, District 1 is an ideal place in the center of Saigon. >> >> Some people may be surprised because in the center of a busy and expensive Saigon, there is a cheap restaurant with the price of 15,000VND for a … Read more

Banh canh bot loc gio heo in Ba Ria

The sweet broth and soft noodle makes banh canh Long Huong attracting many customers. >> >> The tourists coming to Ba Ria – Vung Tau are familiar to banh canh Long Huong restaurant near the welcome gate of Ba Ria city. Not only being a cuisine address, this place is also considered as a cannot-missed … Read more

Banh dap in Hoi An

Although being in restaurant, home and on the sidewalk, Banh dap is a popular dish contributing to the famous brand Hoi An. >> >> Many people think the name of this dish is very strange: “dap” means hitting. Simply, you need to hit this cake before enjoying it. It I said that when local people … Read more

2 versions of Banh mi in Saigon

Banh mi nuong muoi ot (the grilled breads with chili salt) in Saigon has created a  hot trend and other versions of banh mi (the bread) are also attracting the tourists loving Saigon cuisine. >> >> Banh mi nuong muoi ot is the dish of Khmer people in the area of Bay Nui (An Giang). … Read more

Grilled corn near Perfume river

At night, the street with a dozen of bamboo frames on the sidewalk is very busy with the good smelling of grilled sweet potato, corn and dried fish attracting the customers. >> >> It is not difficult to find grilled corn in Hue. If you want to enjoy this food, you can go to Hue … Read more