2 famous eateries in Da Lat with Lau ga la e

If you want to enjoy Da Lat’s Lau ga la e in Tao Ngo or 668 eatery, you should com there before 6 p.m to ensure that they do not run out of tables.


It can be said that Lau ga la e Da Lat is the famous specialty of the mountainous city. La e is as same as basil and holy basil so it has a sour and acrid taste. It is used for the hotpot to create a special flavor for this dish.

Although it is a well-known dish, in , there are not much eateries selling this dish. Among them, 2 most famous ones are Tao Ngo and 668 eateries. The similarity of 2 eateries is that they are very crowded. In some days, at about 6 p.m, the customers have to wait for a long time to enjoy this dish.

Referring to Lau ga la e Da Lat, we must talk to Tao Ngo eatery at the beginning of April 3rd road (about 2km form Xuan Huong lake). In the past, this was only known by the locals, however, gradually, it has become a must-see destination of tourists coming to Da Lat.

It is specialized in Lau ga la e with only one kind of vegetable: La e. According to oriental medicine, La e is a medicinal remedy for diseases such as cold and cough. A pot of Lau ga la e at the price of 200,000VND includes a half of chicken, a plate of rice noodle, a plate of mushrooms, bamboo shoots and a plate of La e.

The broth here has a good smelling with the spicy taste of chili, suitable with the featured cold weather in Da Lat. The chicken has a natural sweet. the chicken, broth and La e create a perfect combination for the cole weather. If you catch a cold, this hot pot is a good medicine for you.

The weather in Da Lat becomes colder and colder in the evening. Nothing is better than enjoying Lau ga la e with your friends. You will no longer feel hungry and cold. However, remember to boil La e too long to keep it natural taste.

One thing you should pay attention is this eatery is very crowded and its space is very small so it often runs out of tables. In some days, at 6 p.m, no table left so you should come early or book the table in advance or wait for a long time until the table is available.

In general, when coming to Da Lat, try Lau ga la e at least once. It is sure that you will not be unsatisfied with the price and the taste of this dish.

Address: No.5 April 3rd road, Da Lat city, Lam Dong.

668 eatery of Lau ga la e was opened after Lau ga la e Tao Ngo but it is also very crowded.  In the evening, the restaurant is full of customers, even people have to queue waiting for their turn, despite the cold afternoon in Da Lat.

If Tao Ngo only focuses on the chicken hotpot, this eatery sells 3 dishes including Lau ga la e, Long xao nam and Ga nuong lu and all of them are really delicious. The main dish in here is Lau ga la e with the strong flavor from the chicken bones.

The chicken served with this dish is soft and enough for 3 people. In the cold weather of Da Lat, eating the chicken hotpot with the sweet, clear and good smelling broth and La e makes you feel like you are in paradise.

Long ga xao nam is also a delicious dish. A tourist said that it is the best dish she has eaten because it has a special flavor which makes the diners addicted if trying once  

If you go in a big group, you should try Ga nuong lu. However, if you want to try it, you should order early and have to wait for a long time because the chicken is grilled when the customer orders. The grilled chicken has a crispy skin and natural sweetness, served with green chili sauce.

About the price, it is quite reasonable here: small hotpot at the price of 200,000VND, the big one at the price of 300,000VND, Ga nuong lu at the price of 175,000VND/a half and Long ga xao nam at the price of 80,000VND. The eatery will close at about 6-7 p.m so you should come here early.

Address: 2B Chu Van An.  

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