20-year-old squid porridge

With the price at 15,000VND per bowl, the squid porridge in Pho Duc Chinh street, District 1 is an ideal place in the center of Saigon.



Some people may be surprised because in the center of a busy and expensive Saigon, there is a cheap restaurant with the price of 15,000VND for a bowl of squid porridge.

Pig blood, dried squid and shrimp are the available ingredients in this porridge.

The pig knuckle is an additional ingredient depended on the customer’s demand so the customers have to pay more if ordering it. Each type of additional ingredient has its owned price but it is not too expensive.

In addition to pig knuckle, this restaurant also serves steamed chicken legs and boiled chicken thighs.

Chinese traditional medicine egg is often ordered to serve with the squid porridge. In the opinion of some familiar customers of this restaurant, the squid porridge with Chinese traditional medicine is a perfect combination.

The porridge in here is cooked by sticky and fragrant rice. The sweetness of this dish comes from dried squid, pig bone and dried shrimp.

Quay” is also indispensable ingredient for this dish but it is not an advantage of the restaurant because it is not crispy.

The restaurant has appeared in the center of Saigon for 21 years. The price of this dish in the past was 2,000VND, 5,000VND, 12,000VND and now is 15,000VND. Its space is quite clean and wide. The opening time of the restaurant is from the noon to evening.

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