30 year-old Chao long eatery in Saigon

If you feel hungry at night in Saigon, do not worry, a hot bowl of Chao long with a plate of boiled pig organs and a small bowl of chili fish sauce will make you full immediately. In the culinary culture of Saigon, the porridge is considered one of the delicious street food at the most popular price.

You can easily enjoy a hot bowl of porridge on any street or a small alley in the middle of this crowded city. This is easy-to-eat dish. It can be breakfast for a new day, meal in the afternoon or late night because it is easy to enjoy. Cháo Lòng is one of the rare offerings in Saigon that is served from morning until evening. The dish is hot, satisfying and easy on the pocket at only 6,000 VND a bowl. Street vendors dishing up cháo lòng can be easily spotted with their giant metal vats and glass display cases filled with piles of offal and stacks of golden fried dough (giò cháo quẩy).

There are a lot of porridge eateries available from morning till evening in Saigon, however, there is a porridge shop that sells for a very special time for 30 years. That is the porridge shop on Phan Dang Luu Street (Phu Nhuan district) which begins selling from 2 p.m to 8 a.m in the next day with the popular price and always crowded.

This eatery is located on Phan Dang Luu road (Phu Nhuan district). It opened 30 years ago. Each bowl of Chao long here includes some kinds of pig organs such as pig intestine,  liver, pheasant, tongue, lean meat, bone, blood and an dispenable dish calles Doi.

Chao long

Chao long

This eatery is next to the main road so it is not difficult to find it. Mrs Thanh Tam (Binh Thanh district) said: “I really love Chao long at this eatery. I have tried this dish in some other places but it is the only place I have come back many times because of the delicious Doi here”.

The rice is quickly roasted before cooking so it has a good smelling and the rice is well-done and not crushed. The other ingredients are processed carefully and boiled quickly with the boiling water. Depended on the requirement of the customers, the chef will put the ingredients into the bowl. Each bowl of porridge will be added a litter of ginger.

In the past, the seats of customers were put on the sidewalk, but in 3 years ago, they were moved inside the house.

Before serving for diners, the chef will add spring onion, herbs, Quay and pepper to make the taste better. You can order kum quat, chili or fish sauce to eat with the porridge. If you order a plate of boiled pig organs more, the eatery will serve a small bowl of special fish sauce.

This eatery opens from 2:00 p.m and full of customers at night. The main customers are familiar ones because of the cheap price, including manual workers and students.

Chao long

Chao long

In addition to Chao long, you can try the pig blood porridge (Chao huyet). It is also a delicious dish. To serve, the porridge and huyết are ladled into a large bowl along with slices of liver, chunks of tubular innards and various forcemeats. Scallions, fresh ground pepper and small pieces of fried dough are then scattered on top. Fresh bean sprouts, lime wedges, ginger and fish sauce are available tableside for diners to season their cháo to taste.

After the meal, drink a cup of Nuoc tac xi muoi to slake. The eatery also offers free parking service. It is not a luxury restaurant but it is very clean with the fast staff and enthusiastic service.

In the damp air that will be cold after rain, or when going out late at night, nothing will be warmer than enjoying a bowl of porridge. If you want to enjoy this dish, you can visit the address: 144 Phan Dang Luu, Ward 3, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City.

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