4 best places to enjoy Crab noodle soup in Hanoi

With the experience of 25 years, the crab noodle soup of Mrs Anh has become familiar with the local people in the area of Ham Long – Le Van Huu. As many other eateries, all her things are put into 2 baskets: one is the broth pot and the other one is the place of vegetables, brab, bowls and other things… It is small but very clean and arranged neatly.

The broth of Mrs Anh is very special: light yellow and clear. Many people may think that her broth has no crab but if you are a gourmet, you will know that it is a good broth. Try a spoon of her broth, the customers will feel the featured flavor of the crab.

The crab rice noodle here are quite simple, only including rice noodle (or sometimes vermicelli), vegetables, crab, pork pie and broth. If you choose dried crab rice noodle, your bowl will be added fried onion and peanut. It is simply but very delicious.

A bowl of crab rice noodle here is not too big but enough to make you full. The price is varied from 25,000 to 35,000VND. It opens from 11a.m to 4 p.m daily.

It is only a small eatery but its name is very famous. In fact, with 10 years of experience, this eatery is a familiar part with the officers in the area and many generations of students at Viet Duc school.

All items of this eatery is put into 2 baskets: one for the broth and one for all ingredients and bowls. Based on the customer’s demand, the owner put the ingredients such as vegetables, rice noodle, vermicelli, fish balls, pork pie and fried onion into a bowl.

The crab rice noodle in here has the characteristic flavor of rice noodle and crab.

Another point makes the customer satisfied is that the owner put a tissue under the bowl to help the diners not be burned because the eatery is located on the sidewalk so it does not have enough tables and chairs for customers. The price of a crab rice noodle bowl in here is 30,000VND. It opens from the noon to 4-5p.m.

If you are a carb rice noodle lover, you have to know about the crab rice noddle on Hang Chinh. Of course, the eatery has 20-year experience. It only has some plastic chairs and tables but is always crowed, especially at noon.

Anyone who has the opportunity to enjoy a bowl of crab rice noodle is impressed by the sweet broth and soft rice noodle. The rice noodle is ordered by the owner from her hometown, Nam Dinh. Everyday, Mrs Thom, the owner, has to use 3kg of crab to cook the broth so it has a strong flavor.

A bowl of crab rice noodle on Hang Chinh is a combination of many ingredients: soft red rice noodle, vegetables, fish rolls, pork pie, roasted peanuts and crab. When enjoying it, the customers only add some spicies such as chili and vinegar to strengthen the flavor.

It opens from 11a.m to 4p.m daily. A bowl costs 30,000VND, a reasonable price for officers.

On Trung Liet street, Dong Da, there is a famous crab rice noodle eatery. It is located in the yard of an apartment near the crossroad of Thai Thinh and Trung Liet street. it was opend 10 years ago with 2 versions of Crab rice noodle: with broth and without broth.

Although there are 2 available versions to serve for customers, seemly the version without broth is more favorited by the diners. A bowl of vermicelli in here costs about 30,000VND with many ingredients such as fried tofu, pork pie, vegetable, beef, onion and chili. However, the broth in here does not have the featured flavor of crab.

About the space, the eatery has both outdoor and indoor seats. Free parking for the customers of this eatery (remember to keep the ticket and give it to the vehicle holders).

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