4 delicious dishes of Ede ethnic group

Forest leaf hotpot, bitter eggplant soup and grilled bamboo shoot stirring with the cow’s organs are chosen by Ede ethnic group to invite guests.


The bitter eggplant is the fruit which grows wildly on the fields. The tree has many spikes and fruits all year round. The fruits are small and bitter. Almost of the Ede families plant this tree. They eat the eggplant in daily meals, including the eggplant soup with the herring.

Ede people often use the head of the herring which is dried under the sun, instead of the fish body because it has much fragrant essential oil.

When cooked, the fish head will be pounded and added some onions and garlics to make the dish have a good smelling. After that, the chef will pour the water into the pot and wait until it is boiled to add the slices of eggplant.

Ede people do not use the cassava flour but the rice broth to create a consistency for the dish. With the habit of using hand when eating, it is convenient to eat the soup with rice.

H’Liang Bkrong (25 years old, Ede ethnic group), who is living and working in , said: “To Ede people, the bitter and spicy tastes of the eggplant make the dish more delicious. Moreover, Ede people consider eating this fruit as a method to strengthen resistance, fight disease.

Bitter eggplant soup

Bitter eggplant soup

At present, this simple dish is available at many restaurants and eateries at the price of 60,000 – 80,000VND/bowl. In addition to the herring, the chef can change the taste of this soup by cooking the eggplant with steamed fish, dried shrimp, snail and dried fish.

This is one of the famous specialties Ede people cook to invite the guests. This dish looks like a mixed soup with many kinds of forest leaves. In the past, it was used as a anti-hunger dish of mountainous people in the difficult condition.

When trying this dish once, you can feel the sweet taste from the spicies as well as the spicy and bitter taste from the leaves. The leaves are chosen by the Ede people in the jungle. The taste of this dish will be more delicious if it has many kinds of leaves. The hotpot is often served with the steamed pork.

This dish appears in the menu of many restaurants and eateries in Dak Lak city. However, to enjoy the true taste, you can visit the local families.

If you have tried these dishes such as boiled bamboo shoot, stir-fried bamboo shoot, sour bamboo shoot or dried bamboo shoot, the grilled bamboo shoot is also the dish you should not miss. The bamboo shoot, after being grilled, will be stirred with the cow’s organs (Vech bo). This dish is famous in Ea Sol commune, Ea Hleo district (Dak Lak province).

Ede people often eat the grilled bamboo shoot in breakfast and dinner. This dish is the hamonious combination among the bitter taste of the cow’s organ, the sweet taste of forest bamboo shoot and the spicy taste of the chili – the spicies cannot miss in tha meals of Ede people.

Traditional food of ethnic group

Traditional food of ethnic group

The good smelling of the cow’s organ, grileed bamboo shoot, Cu nen and the featured spicy taste of chili will make the visitors cannot forget this land.    

Sau muong is the worm living in Muong tree which is often planted in the coffee gardens or green pepper gardens. On March, in the extremely hot weather in Highlands, many butterflies come and lay eggs on Muong trees. After several days, the eggs turn into the worms.

The season of Sau muong lasts only in 2 months (March and April). The special taste of Sau muong makes people who have tried it once cannot forget this dish. The Ede people said that Sau muong is not only delicious but also capable of preventing malaria. Therefore, Sau muong, the simple dish of Ede people, now has become the favorite dish of many tourists.

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