5 dishes for your winter trip in Sapa

Grilled meat, Slamon hot pot and Five-colored steamed sticky rice are the dishes attracting visitors to come back to to enjoy when the winter comes.

The Salmon has been farmed in many regions of Vietnam, but when referring to this dish, Sapa is the most famous place. The fish has firm meat, no fat. It is freshly pink, soft and sweet. The best way to enjoy salmon is using as an ingredient for the hot pot. The fish is directly caught in the tank and cooked dishes as the orders of the customers so it is very fresh and tasty. The price of Salmon in Sapa is about 600,000VND/kg.

Almost of all restaurants in Sapa serves salmon but you should choose the ones which are specialized in salmon dishes to have fresh fishes and more delicious dishes. You should enjoy 2 or 3 dishes a meal to feel all the taste of the salmon. Combining the salmon with some kinds of vegetables and corn wine of Bac Ha and Muong Khuong will bring you the moments you never forget.

The menu of grilled dishes in Sapa is very rich. Not only the beef, pork or hot dog but the fish, pig organs, sweet potato and vegetables are also used as the ingredients for the grilled dishes. Each type of ingredient will have a different price, the average is about 10,000VND. The most interesting thing is the customers choose the food skewers and wait the owner grill them so when the diners enjoy them, it is still hot and delicious.

The eateries have chair and table to serve for customers but the diners often want to sit around the coal stove to enjoy grilled dishes. If you do not want to sit in the eateries, you can buy some skewers to enjoy when walking around peaceful Sapa town. The cold weather and the peace in here will make the dishes more delicious.

The grilled dishes in Sapa are sold in the evening, mainly focus on the area of Sapa lake, thea road to market and in the market.  

The forest chestnut in Sapa, also called the almond, is often roasted at a high temperature with salt and butter. It can be preserved in a long time so the visitors coming to Sapa often choose it as a gift for friends and family. The price is 200,000VND/kg. In addition, you can also enjoy the chestnut in Trung Khanh or China. The chestnut here has an eye-catching color, sweet taste at the price of 80,000VNd/kg. Hot chestnut is the best one.

The Sapa specialty, forest chestnust is not only delicious but also has many wonderful uses. The seeds contain vitamin C, B1, B2 and minerals.

In addition, many scientific studies have shown that chestnuts work well for cardiovascular protection, have anti-inflammatory and protective effects due to high Omega-3 content, diabetes prevention and the precious prescription for kidney, asthma, osteoarthritis in older people and repel the risk of dangerous cancer.

It is one of the unique dishes in Sapa. The chicken or quail eggs are cooked in a pot with Chinese tradictional medicine in 24 hours. When eliminating the eggshell, the egg-white is turned into brown and has the smell of Chinese tradictional medicine. It is very unique. This dish can be used as a snack and it is very nutrious. The price is 50,000-100,000VND/ 10 eggs.

The breakfast dish is available in some restaurants and eateries on the road or in the market. However, the eateries often do not sell enough 5 colors. The five-colored steamed sticky rice, as its name, has 5 different colors including red, yellow, green, purple and white colors. The color of this dish comes from the color of natural leaves. This is the specialties of Tay people in Sapa. 

When taking the sticky rice in the pot, you should follow certain rules. In the plate, the white sticky rice will be placed in the middle symbolizes the convergence of the essence of heaven and earth. Four colors will be placed around to symbolize for four directions, heaven and earth, four seasons in years: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The plate of the sticky rice represents the Five Elements in heaven and earth. The plate of sticky rice also symbolizes the Five Elements in the galaxy. They think red is fire, black is water, white is metal, yellow is earthy, green is rustic.

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