5 famous sweet soup shops in Saigon

has sweet soup shops everywhere, but the sweet soup lovers cannot miss the one on Nguyen Tri Phuong street (singing while selling), the one on the sidewalk of District 3 or Cambodian sweet soup shop with many unique dishes in District 10.


In the hot weather, you have to wait for a long time because these shops are much crowed.

It is called as “the haughtiest shop in Saigon”. The sweet soup in here includes some main ingredients: green bean sweet soup, black bean sweet soup, Banh lot with coconut milk and Suong sa hat luu. The customers think that the soup is cool and sweet, the bean is very soft and more delicious than that of many other places. It opens at 1 p.m and always crowed. Almost of the customers will take away or enjoy the sweet soup in somewhere.

Although the shop is always crowed, the owner prepares the food very slowly. He sings freely though his customers have to wait for a long time. In a day, some customers stood on the sidewalk of the neighbor’s house, he did not hesitate to drive them away. Maybe the familiar customers love this sweet soup in here very much so they have to accept. The price for a cup of sweet soup is 10,000VND.

This shop is located on the sidewalk of Ly chinh Thang street, district 3. It is often called as the ghost sweet soup shop because it opens from the evening to midnight, sometimes to 1-2 a.m. It does not have the menu. Nearly, 20 pots of sweet soup and cakes are displayed so the customers can choose any kind of sweet soup they like and the price is changed depending on the type of sweet soup.

The owner prepares the food very carefully, even forgets that the customers are much crowed so the customers may have to wait for a long time. Especially, on 15th everymonth on lunar calendar, there are many customers coming here to buy the sweet soup.

The price for a cup of sweet soup is 15,000VND. A bit more expensive than that of some other sidewalk shops. However, in tern of its location (District 3) and the quality of the sweet soup, the price is acceptable and the shop still attracts hundreds of customers everynight. The owner can sell all 20 pots in some hours.

Located on Su Van Hanh street, the sweet soup in a tray shop with 16 dishes has been existed for 40 years, attracting hundreds of customers everynight and remaining no empty table in the rush hours (20:00-21:00). In the past, each tray includes 6 bowls of sweet soup. Through time, the owner increased the number of dishes in each tray up to 8 bowls, 13 bowls and 16 bowls at the present. The sweet soup tray includes many common types of sweet soup in the southern region such as Che ba ba, Che thung, Che chuoi (Banana sweet soup), Che bap (Corn sweet soup), white bean sweet soup, taro sweet soup, floating cake sweet soup… with coconut jelly, a plate of steamed sticky rice and a flan. You also can order 2-4 privatedly, not have to order a tray. The price of a tray is 75,000VND.

With about 40 years of existing, the sweet soup shop has been attached with many generations of students in District 3. In the hot days, the number of customers is numerous but the space fo the shop is a bit small so many people have to wait for a long time. The attitude of the owner and staffs is quite polite and friendly.

In the past, it sold Che thai, Che sen (lotus seed sweet soup), Che cu nang (Cassava sweet soup), Sam bo luong and mixed sweet soup… At the present, it also serves goi kho bo (dried beef salad), crab soup and Banh duc… to add more choices for customers. The price is from 10,000VND, quite cheap compared to other places in District 3.

It is a sweet soup shop in Cambodian market on Le Hong Phong road (District 10), often called Cambodian sweet soup, and has attracted customers for 40 years. The shop owner is a Vietnamese who had been in Cambodia. In 1970, he and his family came back to Vietnam and opened this shop selling many kinds of sweet soup based on the recipes of Cambodia.

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