6 specialties in Nam Dinh

At the price of only several thousand Dong per piece, the taste of these specialties in Nam Dinh such as Xiu bao, Beo cake is very delicious.


Preferring to the mót famous cakes in Nam Dinh, we cannot miss Xiu Bao or Xiu Pao cake. This is a simple and delicious dish of the Chinese living in Khach street in the past (now Hoang Van Thu and Le Hong Phong street. Xiu Bao has the outside layer like the baked cake but softer and very good smelling. You can easily peel off each layer, the same way as we do with Pia cake.

Inside the cake is the reddish brown bacon which is cut into small pieces and mixed with fungus, lard and the boiled chicken egg to create a special feeling for the eaters. The small Xiu Bao cake is always a familiar breakfast of many students generations in Nam Dinh. To those who live far away the country, although it is a cheap gift, everyone is excited to give.

Logan cake is the most outstanding specialty in the area of Hai Hau and Nam Dinh. When referring this cake, many people think that it is made from the logan but it is totally not. The reason for this name is very simple: It has a round shape and looks like the logan. The cake is crispy, lightly sweet and greasy.

The attraction of Logan cake is you can stop eating although you just try once biting. It is much better when enjoying with hot tea.

Nam Dinh is the hometown of the delicious Gai cakes. This sticky and sweet cake is the featured specialty in the land of Thanh Nam. The most famous barnd of Gai cake in Nam Dinh is Mrs Thi’s Gai cake. This is the traditional cake which still keeps the original tastes of Gai leaves and the sticky rice.

Inside the cake is the combination of many ingredients such as green bean, pork, peanut, lotus seed and coconut. All of them blend together and embellish a distinct, aromatic and sweet taste. Enjoying a delicious Nam Dinh Gai cake, you will feel a stranger taste which makes you cannot stop eating.

If you think that you can easily find the pillow-shaped cake in anywhere, not only in Nam Dinh, but maybe you do not know that the pilloe-shaped cake in Nam Dinh is very different from that of the other region.

Thanks to the affection of Chinese culinary art in the ancient China Town, the pillow-shaped cake in Nam Dinh is totally different from the one in Hanoi in term of the shape, the way of processing and the way of enjoying. In Hanoi, the pillow-shaped cake is made from the crispy egg flour shell, carefully squeezed into the pillow shape and served with the sweet and sour fish souce and fresh vegetables. In Nam Dinh, the pillow-shaped cake is made from the rice paper cake which is sweeped a layer of wheat flour (inside the cake is still pork, egg and vermicelli). When enjoying, the cake is soft and not too greasy.

When enjoying this cake, you dip into the chili sauce made by the owner and eat with pickled green papaya. You can easily find this dish at the schoolgates in Bac Ninh and Nguyen Du street at the price of 8000VND/piece.

Beo cake in Nam Dinh is not similar to Beo cake in Hue. It only includes the rice flour poured into a mould made by banana leaf in boat shape and steamed. When being done, the cake is added a little fried onion, cut into small square pieces and dipped into sour fish sauce with pepper like the sauce for rolled rice cake.

In the cold days, enjoying a plate of Beo cake and feeling the warmth in the mouth and body, you will be excited and feel very clearly the happiness in the simplest things. Beo cake is sold in a small booth in Dien Hong market.

The rolled rice cake is a popular dish which is easy to make. You can find it in almost of all provinces in Vietnam. However, the most famous one is the rolled rice cake in Thanh Tri (Hanoi) and in Kenh village (Nam Dinh), in which the rolled rice cake in Kenh village was the precious gift for the King.

The rolled rice cake in Kenh village has no meat inside. However, the thin, smooth and good smelling steamed rice cake made from Moc Tuyen rice can satisfy all the eaters. The best way to enjoy Lang Kenh rolled rice cake is dipping into the hot fish sauce with roasted cinnamon pork.    

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