7 famous dishes in Hoi An cuisine

Domestic and foreign tourists coming to , in addition to visiting the monuments and experience the nightlife activities, can enjoy the street food, with simple and unique food in here.


From the needs of visitors, recently, the tourist services also organize cooking classes for guests. Raw materials the tourists buy at the market or collect in the clean vegetable garden of your choice, are purchased on tours booked in advance. From the hobby and curiosity of exploring the local culinary culture of the visitors, the chefs always choose local specialties and instruct them how to prepare them.

Expanding to the perimeter, when ecotourism in riverside and village development, many tourist services have opened tours to explore the natural landscape, combining to reappear the life of local people, teach cooking on the spot for visitors by the “home-grown” like clean vegetables, fresh fish, making local cakes.

Chicken rice, bread, Cao lau … are always looking for tourists to enjoy in Hoi An and they also appear in the world newspapers.

Hoi An chicken rice is very eye-catching with the color of rice, raw vegetables and even chicken. You can call a plate of ripped chicken or chopped chicken rice for a person at the price of 40,000 VND or order foods for many people including clenched chicken plate, rice, soup… when going in groups. The most famous ones are Phan Chu Trinh’s chicken rice, or Huong restaurant on Le Loi street and Ty chicken rice.

A bowl of Cao lau consists of noodles overflowing with boiling water, a little bit of boiled bean sprouts and indispensable vegetable of Tra Que village. Above are the slices of sliced pork, crispy fried pork skin. You can eat Cao lau everywhere in Hoi An. The most famous Cao lau is Thanh restaurant on Thai Phien street and Cao lau of Mrs. Be on Tran Phu street. The price of a bowl is 25,000VND.

This is the food most people try when coming to Hoi An. The Bread in here has basic ingredients including pate, barbecue, pork rolls, herbs and special sauces. The two most famous bakeries in Hoi An which are often referred to by foreigners are Phuong’s bread and Madam Khanh’s bread. The price of a loaf is usually 20,000 – 25,000VND.

From Tran Phu Street to the corner of Le Loi Street, Tran Hung Dao Street and Bach Dang Street, visitors can easily find aromatic barbecue. The meat grilled on a charcoal stove and still hot is rolled in a thin layer of rice paper, wet cakes, herbs, sour star-fruit, cucumbers and dipping sauces with specially prepared spicies. The price of one skewer is 5,000 VND.

A portion of Banh dap consists of two baked cakes on hot coal with a wet cake in the middle. When eating, you have to spread out your hands, smash down for the crumbled crumbs, after rip off each plate, roll up like a rolled cake and then dip into fish sauce. This sauce is made from sugar, onion, minced pineapple, garlic and green chilli. The most famous cake is in Ba Gia restaurant, Cam Nam commune.

Hoi An Beo cakes are usually placed in small cups, with prawns and fried pork skin on top. Diners often pour chili sauce into it and then enjoy. The small shops in Cam Chau, Cam Nam or Hoi An market are chosen by many visitors. The price for a cup is about 3,000VND.

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