8 famous specialties in Tien Giang

Which dishes create the reputation for the local cuisine of – Tien Giang? Let’s discover by the following article!


This is a simple dish and is loved by both the adults and children. Chuoi quet dua is a delicious dish. It is a perfect combination among the sweetness of banana and sugar, the crispy of coconut and the special flavor of fresh vegatables in the garden as well as the tasty sweet and sour fish sauce.

The special thing creating the unique flavor for hu tieu My Tho is the ingredients you only can find in this land. This simple dish has a naturally sweet broth, soft noodles serving with fresh vegetables and bean sprouts to make the flavor become stronger.

During processing, the noodle is quickly boiled through boiling water. The fresh vegetables and bean sprouts are put above. Depending on the requirement of the customers, the owner can give bones, pig organs or seafood into the bowl and add the broth. After adding fried onion and pepper, you can enjoy a delicious bowl of Hu tieu in true flavor of the west region.

it is so simple, but all the essence of the food converge in the bowl of delicious noodles are appeared with the smell of spicy so that customers can not resist. The softness of the noodle, the sweetness of the broth, the strong flavor of the meat … and the sour taste of the sauce not only bring the appetite for the food but also the fragrant taste make the diners to be difficult to forget when they enjoy it.

“Man” is the typical cooking method in Mekong Delta region. It is an interesting combination between braising and soup to create a new and unique flavor. With the dishes cooked by this method, we must not remove the fins by clean the fishes only. The spicies used for this dish is very simple, including salt, chili, green onion, lemon and rice vinegar. The fresh vegetables serving with this dish must be green banana, banana tree, bean sprouts and othe types of basils.

Shrimp sauce is the famous specialty of this land in the west. In Go Cong village, there are more than 20 factories making good shrimp sauce. Each factory has its own way of processing and a secret recipe so each type of shrimp sauce has its unique flavor, not similar to each other. The shrimp sauce can be served with many dishes, especially the boiled dishes such as boiled pork and boiled vegetables. However, the best dish is rice noodle with shrinp paste.

Almost coconuts in here are originated in Ben Tre. There are many types of Mut dua such as Mut dua mem (Soft type), Mut dua non (young copra type) and Mut dua la dua (with panda leaf type). Mut dua is made from the young copra and does not contain any toxic color product. When enjoying, the customers will feel the natural taste of Mut dua: soft, crispy and colorful.

The grilled pork has a good smelling of banana leaf and the marinated meat so it is very attractive. When it is done, the eaters only cut into small pieces and roll with rice paper, fresh vegetables, then dip with the sweet and sour fish sauce.

Lo Ren star apple is very delicious and famous all over the country as well as in the world. The star apple in here is round and white. Its peel is thin and its seeds are small. When the star apple is ripe, it has a light pink color and a special smelling with a natural sweetness. The best way to enjoy this fruit is using a small spoon to eat.

In the season of logan, the trees with many fruits are very attractive to tourits. Nhi Quy commune is famous for many kinds of high quality logan which are much better than the logan of other provinces. The logan in here is so big, small seed, thin peel and a comfortably natural sweet taste.

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