Baked corn creates special flavor for Saigon cuisine Friday

In this cool atmosphere of these showery days in , it would be very great to enjoy the hot baked corn and green onion cooked with fat.


In any kinds of weather, when dusk has fallen, we normally see trolleys that sell baked corn on streets. The sellers do not need to advertise for their products since the attractive fragrance of the baked corn has done that.

On the trolley, there are only a closet contains corns, a stove with wood – embrs and some addictive like green onion cooked with fat, pepper, chili and garlic. All these simple things have helped the sellers to bring a rustic but delicious snack for customers.

Baked corn

Baked corn

Corns are baked on wood – embrs sometimes crackle, and the sound is very pleasant to hear. When the corns are done, the sellers would carefully put a chopstick into the hot corn so that the heat would not burn customers’ hands.

After that, the seller would plaster the hot corn with green onion cooked with fat, which make the corn looks more attractive. The baked corn tastes best when it is still hot. Having a bite and chewing slowly, you would completely feel its delicious flavor with natural sweet taste of corn and greasy taste of onion with fat.

The fragrant baked corn somehow reminds of the sweet memories of wonderful childhood. In those days, every time it got cold, especially in rainy nights, the children would like to gather around the fire and bake the corns that had been picked right in the garden. Then came the singing, talking, playing quiz together or listening to wonderful fairy tales that were told by the old women.

When the corn was done, it would be served with the mixture of fish sauce cooked with onion and fat, which made it so moreish and attractive. The feeling when you enjoy a fragrant and sweet corn, along with the moreish flavor of fish sauce and the greasy taste of onion cooked with fat is so wonderful.

Baked corn

Baked corn

These days, due to the busy life, we do not have chance to gather and bake corn together. But those trolleys of baked corn have helped with that. In rainy nights when it is slightly cold, the baked corn on those trolleys somehow bring the warm feeling and relieve the noisy and hurried atmosphere of Saigon.

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