Banh da ke – a simple snack of Hanoians

The price for this dish in the past was 2,000-3,000VND but it changes nowadays although its favor will never change. The best time to enjoy Banh da ke is immediately after it is done because after some minutes this food is not crispy any more.

Banh da ke now is not as attractive as other foods in Hanoi so the sellers of this dish are not as much as in the past. However, anytime Hanoians see a Banh da ke seller, they will buy at any price. The favor of Banh da ke sometimes comes from the simplicity of the ingredients which recalls the childhood memories.

Local people often enjoy this dish in the autumn. You cannot find any specific address for banh da ke but you can go along Hang Bong street in Old Quarter, Dong Tac market or Kim Lien high school.

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