Banh dap in Hoi An

Although being in restaurant, home and on the sidewalk, Banh dap is a popular dish contributing to the famous brand Hoi An.



Many people think the name of this dish is very strange: “dap” means hitting. Simply, you need to hit this cake before enjoying it.

It I said that when local people began to make rice paper, the white and hot cake made them to enjoy. Local people put a just-done rice paper between 2 baked rice paper and then beat it up to enjoy. Since then, dap cake plays an important role in the local life as a breakfast or lunch.

Gradually, Banh dap is not only sold in a small vender in valleys but also a famous specialty.

This dish looks simple but it is very hard to make it. To have a white and delicious cakes, local people have to choose rice carefully, clean it and immersed into the water in hours. This cake is often made in the early morning.

The rice is grinded into the flour. After that, the flour is steamed into thin layer. The cake is removed from the mold by a bamboo stick.

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