Beijing roasted duck

The Beijing roasted duck is so popular that 2000 restaurants are always crowed and if you want to enjoy this dish, you have to book in advance.



Beijing roasted duck and opera are 2 things the Chinese is very proud when talking about them. To them, the roasted duck is not only a delicious dish but also a cultural feature.

It is called Beijing roasted duck but in fact, this dish comes from Guangdong. In the past, this dish is very famous and often appeared in the meals of kings and aristocracy.

The ducks chosen for this dish are very big and roasted in a big stove. The skin of duck is thin, crispy and has a dark yellow. When it done, the cook will cut the meat into small pieces. The duck bone will be used to cook soup. Many restaurants will serve separately duck skin and meat.

The duck to cook this dish is chosen carefully. It is also cooked by a special wood to create a good smelling for this dish.

The sauce for this dish has 2 types. One type is the traditional bean sauce and the other type is soy bean sauce with sesame oil and garlic.

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