Bun dau mam tom in Saigon

Serving the foods in the northern region, the restaurant of Bun dau mam tom (The noodle with fried tofu and shrimp sauce) near the airport area on Hong Ha street, Tan Binh district is always crowed, especially the appearance of the famous artists.



Being processed based on the taste of people in the northern region, this homemade Bun dau restaurant attracts the customers in Saigon thanks to the delicious dishes in here.

A serving of Bun dau mam tom is enough for 2 people. Many ingredients used to cook in the restaurant are brought from the northern region to the south by the owners. The fried tofu in here is crispy and greasy. The noodle is very soft and sticky.

Cha com (the young green sticky rice rolls) is a popular dish in this restaurant because the customers love the stickiness, crispiness and good smelling of this dish.

Nem chua ran (Fried fermented pork roll) in here is also the favorite dish of many customers in Saigon.

In addition to Bun dau mam tom, the customers coming here love boiled and fried pig organs dipping with shrimp sauce which is made by a special recipe. Beside the main restaurant on Hong Ha street, Tan Binh district, currently, the restaurant also has the branch in the center of District 1 which always attracts customers, especially some famous celebrities.

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