Can cake – a must-try dish in Ninh Thuan

As a simple dish of Cham people, Can cake nowadays is not only the food of Phan Rang (Ninh Thuan) but also the specialty attracting both domestic and international visitors.



Can cake is a typical dish of Cham people in Ninh Thuan, for many years, Vietnamese have studied and created many new features making this cake more special and attractive.

The flour, after immersing and mixing cold rice when grinding, is measured the suitable level of water. This is the secret being kept by many generations of Phan Rang people in Ninh Thuan.

In the late afternoon, the local people selling Can cake is busy grinding flour, preparing coal and baking cake. Can cake should be baked in hot coal.

The attractive Can cake is pure white and hot; inside the cake is egg, meat and shrimp… depended on the requirement of the customers. When being done, the cake will be put into a a bowl of green scallions to strengthen the flavor and make the cake become eye-catching.

In Ninh Thuan, the customers can enjoy Can cakes with a bowl of water of bland braised fish (made from fish, scallions and pickles) or Nem sauce. This way of eating is very different from that of Dalat people. In spite of the same Can cake, the people in the mountainous city often eat with vietnanese meatball sauce made from meatball and scallions.

Can cake is often sold in many corners of Phan Rang city, however, many tourists still come to the corner of Doan Thi Diem -16/4 street, opposite to the cutural center of Ninh Thuan province. This is a small restaurant on the sidewalk but it has the most delicious Can cake in Phan Rang. The price for this dish is 1000VND-2000VND/ pair depended on the inside of the cake.

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