Can cake in Da Lat

Can cake in Da Lat is a familiar dish but has a special attraction which make the customer wait nearly a hour to enjoy this dish.



Can cake comes from the central region, but when it comes to Da Lat, Can cake makes people not forget.

Can cake is made from rice. A good Can cake is crispy outside and soft inside. There are 2 types of sauce for this dish: Fish sauce and Nem sauce.

The flour is poured into the mold. After 2 minutes, the cakes are well done.

Can cake in Da Lat will be served with the sprout, green mango, pineapple jam, roasted peanut and rolls or sausage. The sausage sauce is served with fish sauce ti make this dish greasier.

Many people think that Can cake is the same as Khot cake. Can cake is served with eggs and beef depended on the hobby of customers.

Eating Can cake is considered as a pleasure of local people in Da Lat, especially in the early morning, in the cold weather, near the warm coal stove. Waiting the small, hot and crispy cakes with fish sauce is a unique experience in Da Lat.

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