Cuisine heaven named Maika restaurant

Menu with variety of snacks come from Asian countries, including many dishes from snacks to main meals have made Maika restaurant always full of guests.


At first, Maika only sells food and drinks online on Facebook from bowls of mixed rice and traditional milk tea. After 5 years, thanks to the quality of dishes which can not be impeccable, with the more and more diverse menu, suitable for the interests of young people, Maika opened the shop so that guests can go to the pub to enjoy. Currently, the restaurant is located in a prime location on Nguyen Trai Street, District 5 and is crowded young diners. They remember it every time to gather for food and drink.

Only a glimpse of Maika’s Facebook, seing photos of food, food fans will hardly sit still. Maika is truly a paradise with dishes ranging from snacks to main meals by the menu is quite diverse and countless beautiful and attractive dishes. Diners may be embarrassed to choose from a variety of dishes such as shredded Tokbokki, cheese sauce sandwiches, delicacies, sour milk tea and peach tea. Especially the dishes are said to be “best seller”: Maika mixed rice, Thai seafood noodles, traditional milk tea

Although the food menu has a lot of dishes from Asian countries such as , Korea …, but the cooks of the restaurant has deftly transformed the dishes according to the taste of the majority of Vietnamese. Over time, the restaurant also updated the snack to customers such as: cheese sandwiches, cheese sandwiches with panda leaf and tokbokki shaked cheese.

When holding a giant cheese sandwich, the scent of bread blends with the aromatic cheese to stimulate the sense of smell and taste. The way to enjoy this dish is very special, just slightly busting up the soft cake layer outside, you can see the flow of cheese sauce which is made from fresh milk and cheese pure gravity. In particular, the cake gives the diners a mouth-watering sensation when the mild salty taste of the scrub and the sweet, mild fat of the melted cheese sauce make the user irresistible.

About the dish Tokbokki (also known as rice cakes) shaked cheese, the dish is easy to attract the attention of customers with white rice cake after fried crispy with the color of the high quality cheese powder imported from abroad to wear into the seductive orange coat. This dish is not only beautiful but also very popular among snacking believers by the sweet salty taste of the powder mixed with the cheese in the rice cake. The food will be best if hot because the rice cake will crumble in the mouth.

From traditional to modern, moon cakes are becoming more diversified when creative manufacturers use different materials and foods in the bread; cake designs into lively shapes and is packed with beautiful packaging. In the coming autumn season, Maika restaurants are also preparing to launch a trendy moon cake with many eye-catching colors and sizes to meet the needs of customers. The restaurant always put the criteria “dishes not only delicious but also beautiful” on the top.

“The young people today love to explore, learn the food which is just delicious and strange. Therefore, in addition to the quality of food, Maika always focus on the menu changes to fit the trend and style of youth. Gather many dishes from different countries on the menu Maika will conquer diners by the skillful transformation so that it is just to eat and fit the taste of the Vietnamese, “said the restaurant owner Maika, Huynh Kim Yen.

For customers loving food as well as having the demand but afraid to go outside, they can order over the phone to be delivered to the place. Depending on the region, the customers will charge different delivery. The restaurant also said that in the future, to meet the needs of enjoying the cuisine of customers, Maika will open a new branch to bring the brand closer to all customers.

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