Famous Bun cha restaurants in Hanoi (P1)

Some famous restaurants of Bun cha have existed in 20 years in Hanoi because of strong flavor meat and sauce based on the secret recipe.



It is a well-known address to both Hanoians and foreign tourists coming to the capital.

Located at the beginning of Hang Manh street, Dac Kim restaurant is quite narrow so in rush hours, you have to go upstair or take a sit on the sidewalk to enjoy Bun cha.

The restaurant is opened in 1965. A serving costs 50,000VND – 60,000VND. Despite of the narrow space and expensive price, the restaurant is always crowed and becomes a symbol of Hanoi’s cuisine.


One of the best Bun cha restaurants in Hanoi is Bun cha Sinh Tu which was born in the 1970’s on Nguyen Khuyen street. The name “Sinh Tu” comes from the original name of this street in the last century and up to now it becomes a trademark of Bun cha. The restaurant is famous for delicious dish and affordable price, only 35,000VND for a serving.

The secret making the soul of Bun cha in here is the way of processing rolls and sauce with a featured flavor.

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