Famous Bun cha restaurants in Hanoi (P2)


The restaurant is small but very crowed in the noon. The feature is clear sauce with a unique flavor of garlic and carrot. The grilled rolls in here are wrapped into a layer of banana leaf before being grilled in hot coal. The price in here is about 30,000VND.

Along small Ngoc Khanh street, you can find a dozen of Bun cha restaurants. However, you should visit Bun cha Duy Diem which has 20-year experience. This restaurant is quite large, the quality of Bun cha is good and the staffs in here are also very enthusiastic.


Nowadays many people calls this restaurant as “Bun cha Obama” because of in his visit in Hanoi, The U.S president B. Obama stopped to enjoy Bun cha in here.

It has existed in 20 years and is a familiar address to local people living in Thi Sach- Le Van Huu- Ngo Thi Nham street.

Being different to all the restaurant above, the rolls in here is very soft with a strong flavor and a natural sweetness of onion, especially the fish sauce with a suitable sweetness. The space of the restaurant is quite clean and large. A serving costs 40,000VND and it is very crowned in the noon.

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