Grilled corn near Perfume river

At night, the street with a dozen of bamboo frames on the sidewalk is very busy with the good smelling of grilled sweet potato, corn and dried fish attracting the customers.



It is not difficult to find grilled corn in Hue. If you want to enjoy this food, you can go to Hue university of education or Le Loi street, near Nguyen Dinh Chieu walking street and Trang Tien bridge.

The corns is ready grilled and neatly arranged. When the customer orders, the owner spreads the scallions and oil on the corn. After some minutes, the corn is done with an eye-catching color outside and a good smelling.

The serial bamboo frames stretching 200 meters creates “a street of grilled corn” which is always busy. The customer often chooses a familiar address to enjoy this food because each cook has their own recipe to make scallions oil. Butter, scallions, garlic, chili and fish sauce are mixed to create a special sauce. The grilled corn with scallion oil is more delicious than only grilled corn in the northern provinces.

In addition to the grilled corn, the grilled sweet potato, dried squid and fish are also available for the customers. Therefore, in a small street corner, the customers can enjoy many grilled dishes with friends

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