Hanoi Cuisine – the unique feature of Thang Long land

About , it is a reference to a rich cuisine that combines traditional dishes and many modern dishes, but especially Hanoi’s cuisine has its own special features so it is difficult for people to confuse the taste of food from other places. From noodles, pho to the bread all bring a unique flavor. One reason used to explain is that in there are many famous streets for the name of food. Let’s name those streets with us to understand more about the culture of Hanoi cuisine.


There are still familiar names such as boiled snails, snails with coconut milk, grilled clam with onion, steamed clam… but enjoying the familiar dishes in open and cool space in this summer in West Lake becomes the habits of Hanoians. It is not only the opportunity to enjoy the delicious food only in Vietnam, coming to West Lake to enjoy snail dishes is also the opportunity for young people to gather and talk with friends after a busy working day. Therefore, dozens of restaurants in here are always crowded.

It is easy to find this dish when coming here where there are nearly dozens of restaurants located closely to each other in the over-300m street with plastic tables and chairs stacked close together. It is a little difficult for customers to choose. A plate of green papaya with dried beef including dried sliced ​​beef, green papaya cut into strands, herbs, roasted peanuts mixed with sweet and sour sauce are usually sold at a price of 35,000VND. In each season, this dish is always attracted a big quantity of familiar guests.

On the summer, it seems that this street has become much more crowded thanks to the image of many young people together to enjoy the famous mixed fruit dish in here. To Tich street is often called the fruit street because there are dozens of fruit shops closely together. A fruit bowl is often composed of many kinds of fruits such as logan, jackfruit, mango, pear, apple and watermelon … cut and mixed with condensed milk, coconut milk and crushed ice to create a cool sweet taste to cool the summer.

When talking about Hanoi cuisine we cannot miss mention to the fresh beer on pavement you can find anywhere. But with connoisseurs, the most famous one is still the beer in Ta Hien street. With the length of only 100m, this street still attracts a large amount of guests in the afternoon because the prices are quite popular, comfortable seats to talk with friends.

Referring to Gam Cau street, young people in Hanoi can immediately associate names like grilled beef, grilled meats, barbecued meat, etc. A long time ago, the street at the foot of the bridge has become a familiar address to Hanoians with enough a variety of attractive dishes which are marinated. When baked, these dishes have aromatic flavor which makes it difficult for anyone to refuse.

When mentioning to Hanoi cuisine you will not forget hotpot which is variety and rich with all kinds of materials in Phung Hung Street. When coming here, you will definitely have to wonder to choose between one of the restaurants which are close together from seafood hotpot, beef hotpot, fish hotpot, mixed hotpot, Hong Kong hotpot or Tu Xuyen hotpot. At a reasonable price of only 250,000-300,000VND/pot, this is always the right choice for those who want to gather to enjoy hotpot.

In addition, there are many streets in Hanoi which are famous for delicious snacks such as the old town, the area around universities for you to enjoy Hanoi food. We hope that the taste of Hanoi cuisine will always leave a mark in each person when retaining the characteristics of the food in this land.

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