Hue beef noodle – a delicious breakfast in Dalat

The sweet broth is made from the pig bone with the strong favor of sauce, lemongrass and the eye-catching red color of satay. This will be a delicious dish for the cold morning in the mountainous city.



Dalat attracts the tourists by the poetic landscapes and the delicious dishes with a special favor. They may be many versions but when you enjoy them in Dalat, you will have a different feeling, especiallly Hue beef noodle.

It is not difficult for you to find a Hue beef noodle restaurant in anywhere, but in each place, this dish has its owned favor and is adjusted to suit for the local people. Being considered as one of the best dish in the world, a simple bowl of Hue beef noodle includes noodle, beef, pig knucle, pork pie and pig blood…

The most impressive feature of this dish attracting customers is the favor of the broth. The cook adds the spicies for this dish very carefully to have a delicious noodle bowl.

In Dalat, the noodle is quite big and when you enjoy it, you can feel its smoothy and stickiness.

All customers once enjoying Hue beef noodle are hard to resist it in the next times. This dish is more delicious if you add lemon, chili and fresh vegetable…

The restaurant has been put in operation in 3 years and assesssed good by many customers. The price of a bowl of Hue beef noodle in Dalat is from 30,000 VND.

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