Hue’s cakes in Saigon

A plate of Hue’s cakes with pork pie and sweet fish sauce surely help you releive Hue nostalgia.



Located in a corner of Nguyen Dinh chieu and Nguyen Thuong Hien cross, Distruct 3, the no-name restaurant becomes a familiar address to many people who love the Hue’s cuisine in Saigon, because of the high quality and affordable price.

The restaurant sells many kinds of Hue’s cakes but not the traditional Beo cake in small cup. Instead of it, the restaurant serves Beo cake in big cup with shrimp and pork – a feature of central region. The flour is poured in to cup, steamed and added fresh shrimp and pork as well as dried shrimp and gallions oil.

In addition, the customers coming here often order Nam cake and Bot loc cake with the true Hue favor of the restaurant. The shrimp and bacons are slided into small pieces, stirred and then wrapped into banana leaves. All types of cakes in here are not added food coloring so they are not eye-catching but they have good quality.

These cakes cannot be enjoyed without the sweet fish sauce in Hue’s style and chili. Each dish costs from 5,000 to 15,000 VND.

Although being located in a good position, the restaurant is small so it is very hard to find it. It has only 3 small tables therefore most of customers buy cakes and take away.

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