“Japanese fishing village” in Saigon

The Vietnamese sushi lovers easily to find sushi restaurant at many different prices. However, to choose a place having both a rich menu and a professional service, especially having the true flavor is not easy. The cuisine is a highlight in Japanese culture.


Japanese dish, a long time ago, has been well-known by fresh ingredients in nature. Different from being processing with many ingredients and spicies as the food of other countries, Japanese dishes focus on the freshness of food, not on using too much spicies.

Together with the economic development, the focus on eating is improving. In addition to the flavor of the dish – the most priority thing, the eaters gradually require more about the decoration as well as nutrition balance through the processing skills, culinary knowledge and services.

Japanese cuisine nowadays has received the good assessment all over the world thanks to the consistency from the provider, chef to diner. At IKI restaurant, with techniques and a professional chef team, it is proud to bring for customers the freshest flavor in each typical dish of Japanese cuisine made from fish such as sashimi or sushi.

Come to IKI restaurant to experience the wonderful moments with Truly Japanese cuisine – which you can’t find in anywhere else.

Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish. Along with the tea ceremony, the art of ikebanna flower arrangement, sushi has truly become a cultural feature of the land of the rising sun.  Learning about sushi is to learn about culture, about people, about the customs of the Japanese.

Sushi is a very special dish of the Japanese, derived from a method of salt fish of ancient .

Fish wrapped in rice and salt and then fermented for 2 months to 1 year. After the fermentation time, people leave rice and eat only salted fish. This method was introduced in Japan along with wet rice cultivation during the Yayoi period (300BC to 300 AD).

Various methods of fermentation have reduced the waiting time, while using vinegar as a condiment, and now the Japanese use both rice and pickled fish. At present, there is no salted fish that people enjoy fresh fish and fresh seafood with rice vinegar.

Sushi has many different ingredients and recipes, but the main ingredient to make this dish is rice mixed with vinegar and other foods such as raw fish, fresh fish, seafood, vegetables, wasabi (mustard).

IKI sushi with the motto “Delicious dishes with true Japanese flavor” is available in Saigon.

Together with the knowledge about Japanese cuisine and the gourmet of diners, in addition to the nice decoration, the diners require more and more highly about the origin of ingredients creating the dish as well as the true flavor of each dish and services. Always considering seriously the customer satisfaction, Mr Masayoshi Niida, the chef of IKI Sushi, with more than 40 years of experience, prepare by himself each dish from sashimi to sushi to serve for the first customers coming to the restaurant.

Coming to IKI sushi, the first impression is being lost in a colorful Japanese space. Inspiring from the style of Japanese fishing village, IKI sushi want to bring for customers not only delicious dishes from the fresh seafood, but also the relaxing moments with your family and friends.

IKI sushi looks like a small Japanese fishing village in Saigon. It will bring interesting experiences for everyone.with a colorful space creating the excitement for customers.

“The market of the small fishing village” ia arranged inside the restaurant to help the customers freely choose the ingredients and products from Japan.

At IKI restaurant, all ingredients are commited to be imported from Japan to ensure the freshness and quality before processing. In addition, sushi is made from Japanese rice and promises to bring the best experience in the culinary world of IKI sushi.

Salmon and Tuna are two best ingredients to make sushi. However in IKI, you can try a different experience with the red cockle’s sashimi, herring, Kanpachi or Hamachi sashimi. Do not forget to add a bit wasabi and Soju sauce!

At the opening ceremony, IKI sushi offers KAITAI show – Processing the bluefin tuna imported from Japan in day by plane to ensure the best freshness. Attending the unique event are the most famous artists in currently such as Duy Khanh Zhou Zhou, Dieu Nhi and other special guests. Besides, the artists will host a challenge called “Sushi gourmet”. All happens in Grand Opening IKI Sushi on September 2nd, 2017.

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