Khoai xeo- a simple dish of Nghe An

Khoai xeo is a specialty in Nghe An. The name of this food comes from one of the steps of making it. This is the step of using chopstick to grind the sweet potato.



In the past, in March or October in lunar calendar, many families in Nghe An were not enough rice to eat so they had to eat sweet potato instead of rice. When this food became boring, people added green bean, peanut and sticky rice. Up to now, it becomes a unique specialty making many people living far away from the country want to enjoy finding the flavor of childhood.

The way of processing this dish is not too complicated. The black or red bean, peanut and sticky rice are well-done before cooking with dried sweet potato. After a long time, sugar is added to create the sweetness for this dish. After that, the last step is grinding the sweet potato by chopstick or pounding when it is still hot. Finally, the sweet potato is put into banana leaves to wrap tightly.

Khoai xeo becomes a simple dish but unforgettable because it was attached with many childhood memories. Nowadays, when the area for planting sweet potato is decreased, both fresh and dried sweet potato is rare. This dish remains memory.

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