La bep – a specialty in Tay Nguyen

In the war, the soliders in Tay Nguyen collected La bep for their daily meals.



La bep is also called la bet or rau nhip, a type of leaf in the forest and a specialty of Tay Nguyen’s forest. Many old men in the villages said that in the past, it was the food of the rhino.

A long time ago, the ethnic minorities has considered La bep as a medicine and Kinh peoples calls it “a super clean vegetable” because it grows naturally all round year without any Plant protection product.

La bep is round, long and green. It has a natural sweetness and a unique favor. It can be combined with many different ingredients.

Nowadays, La bep is sold in Binh Phuoc and Di Linh, Lam Dong as well as become the specialty in restaurants of Tay Nguyen with the most popular menu: La bep with crab soup or beef.

With the dish of La bep stirred beef or young chicken egg, it is very easy to make: just stirring La bep first, then adding beef and egg and finally add spicies.

In restaurants, La bep soup can be changed into hotpot with shrimp, pork, squid and crab with many attracting favors.

The two dishes bring the favor of mountain and forest and stimulate the taste of customers.

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