Mam thinh in Hoi An

A long time ago, Mam thinh became a popular dish to local people in Hoi An and tourists. Many tourists also choose it as a gift for family.



Coming to Hoi An, the tourists cannot miss Hoi An market where the cultural elite is restored. That is the traditional goods such as chieu Tra Nhieu, Thanh Ha pottery, Kim Bong wood… as well as the traditional dishes of Quang Nam including the most famous one: Mam thinh.

It is a very complicated process to make a good Mam thinh. The fresh fishes are clean carefully with the salt water. After that, the fishes are marinated with salt in a jar. This jar will be basked in some days. Until the fishes has a good smelling, they will be eliminated the water.

The next step is mixing fishes with thinh. Thinh is a ingredient made from roasted rice and corn.

The fish is dried and mixed with thinh then put into the jar and finally, pour the caramel sugar and fish sauce into the fish.

After few days, thinh will make the fish has an eye-catching color and a strong favor. It is the best time to enjoy Mam thinh.

From Mam thinh, the local people can process many delicious dishes. The simplest way is cooking with rice or simmering with bacon, chili, pepper…

Besides, Mam thinh can be mixed with cucumber or roasted Nen leaves.

Although Mam thinh is a simple dish, it still becomes a specialty in domestic and foreign countries.

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