Must-try dishes in the winter

Here are some suggestions for the food lovers at the beginning of the winter.


This is the specialty which is loved by many international tourists, thanks to its interesting combination between egg and coffee. This drink has been sold in Hanoi’s coffee shops since 1940. The customers who do not like coffee can order egg cacao – a new version of egg coffee. However, the egg cacao now is only found in the old coffee shops such as Giang coffee and Pho Co coffee.

The period at the end of autumn and at the beginning of winter is the best time to enjoy the snails. That is the reason why people often say that “Snails in October – Hanoians”. In addition, the snails are the best at this time. At the cold weather in winter, many people like coming to the snail shop on the sidewalk to feel the warm atmosphere and enjoy delicious snails with the sour, spicy, salt and sweet fish sauce.

Each bowl always has 2 sticky rice balls: one made from black sesame and the other made from green bean. The most special thing of the floating sticky rice balls is the step of making ginger syrup. To making the good syrup, the chef use a special sugar called Duong phen which has the featured flavor of sugar cane and a brown reddish color. The sweet taste of the sugar combinates with the thin slices of ginger, then boiled in the coal stove and finally poured into a bowl with 2 sticky balls with a little roasted peanut. That is enough to warm all the body in the winter. One of the best Banh troi shops in Hanoi is the one of the artist Pham Bang’s family on Hang Giay street.

In the cold days, Huyen Alley and Ly Quoc Su street become more crowded than daily because many customers come to the pork rib porridge shops on the sidewalk. Some popular shops which is loved by many Hanoians is the one in or Mr La’s shop.

According to the culinary experience of many Hanoians, it will be a big mistake if you do not eat the cassava sweet soup as a dessert after enjoying pork rib porridge. The cassava is cut into small pieces and cooked with sugar and ginger to instantly wash away the cold of winter.

In the past, the Chinese people often lived in the Old Quarter. They brought to Hanoi many Chinese culinary features with some famous dishes such as My van than (Wonton noodle), Chi ma phu, Banh troi tau (floating sticky rice balls) and Luc tau xa. Some of them have still existed up to now like the stewed dishes with wormwood, especially My ga tan (Stewed chicken noodle). Located on the street of traditonal medicines, the stwed chicken noodle shops on Hang Bo and Thuoc Bac street always has the medicines which are good for health. On these days, the stewed chicken noodle shop at the corner of Hang Can – Luong Van Can street is always full of customers. Although sitting right on the sidewalk next to the vehicles running on the road, no customer is unsatisfied. They are patient to wait for the hot and good smelling bowl of stewed chicken noodle.

Tiet tan is not loved by all diners due to its uneye-catching appearance. However, to some people living in Hanoi for a long time, it is the favorite dish. The small shop at the corner of Cha Ca – Lan Ong street is a rare place selling this dish. No sign, no wide parking place, not to busy, this shop has had some familiar customers for many years. The coldest days in the winter are the most crowded days of this shop. The attractive boiled pig blood combinated with the special smell of wormwood will make you feel warm immediately.

Baked corn and sweet potato is sold all year around but most popularly in the winter. This dish recalls the childhood memories, difficult but emotional.      

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