Dipping bread in Nha Trang

The restaurant is located on the sidewalk, opens 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon. A serving of dipping bread costs 15,000VND. >> >> In the sea city of Nha Trang, the old restaurants on the sidewalk or in small valleys are always crowded. The dipping bread in Doan Ket valley … Read more

Hue’s cakes in Saigon

A plate of Hue’s cakes with pork pie and sweet fish sauce surely help you releive Hue nostalgia. >> >> Located in a corner of Nguyen Dinh chieu and Nguyen Thuong Hien cross, Distruct 3, the no-name restaurant becomes a familiar address to many people who love the Hue’s cuisine in Saigon, because of the … Read more

Baked Lam rice in Tay Bac

After harvesting, the people in Tay Bac use the sticky rice to cook Lam rice in bamboo tube served with sesame or grilled fish and can be taken to anywhere. >> >> Coming to Tay Bac in the beginning of the winter, you have to find newly Lam sticky rice which is processed in a … Read more

Can cake – a must-try dish in Ninh Thuan

As a simple dish of Cham people, Can cake nowadays is not only the food of Phan Rang (Ninh Thuan) but also the specialty attracting both domestic and international visitors. >> >> Can cake is a typical dish of Cham people in Ninh Thuan, for many years, Vietnamese have studied and created many new features … Read more

Beijing roasted duck

The Beijing roasted duck is so popular that 2000 restaurants are always crowed and if you want to enjoy this dish, you have to book in advance. >> >> Beijing roasted duck and opera are 2 things the Chinese is very proud when talking about them. To them, the roasted duck is not only a … Read more

Banh duc in Hanoi

Banh duc restaurant has become familiar to Hanoians for 30 years. Today, this restaurant still attracts both young people and the old people of the previous generation. >> >> This restaurant is more than 30 years old. In the past, it was located on the sidewalk of Le Ngoc Han street and now in a … Read more