Phu Tho green tea

Everyone thinks that it is a simple drink when hearing its name: choose some leaves of green tea, clean and put the boiling water into them. It is true but it is not enough to make the green tea in Phu Tho become special.



The green tea is a fresh and cool drink. It is very healthy if you use it suitably as well as bring the true favor of Phu Tho land. Watching the way of enjoying this drink of local people in here, visitors will feel all the interesting things of this cuisine.

First of all, you have to choose the leaves of green tea. To have the green tea with eye-catching color, good smelling and natural sweetness, you have to choose the green tea trees which grow naturally in the forest, huddled among all other trees. The shaggy trees bring us many interesting things: if you love acrid drink, choose the trees catching more sunlight; if you want a sweet drink, choose the trees in shadow. The best green tea leaves are incipiently yellow ones and still sticks out of the trunk.

The best water for this drink is the natural water in the well. The people knowing the best way to cook green tea will use a terracotta teapot to bring the best favor for this dink. When cooking, they will cover the spout to keep the favor and for Water spilled precaution.

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