Rolled rice cake in Saigon

A plate of white rolled rice cake, strong flavor meat and some pieces of pork pie creates a favorite dish of many people in 50 years in a small valley in District 1.



It is a simple restaurant in a small valley in District 1 with a steam pot and some ingredients but it has existed more than a half of century and attached with many generations of Saigon people.

To make a good rolled rice cake, we have to be careful in choosing the rice. The best rice will create delicious rolled rice cakes. The pork, fungus and vermicelli are stirred with some basic spicy to make a strong flavor.

Different to the traditional rolled rice cake in the north region which is only served with fried onion and pork pie, a plate of rolled rice cake in a southern  style includes shrimp cake and western spring rolls.

The owner said that all the steps to make this dish are conducted by the people in the family based on the secret recipe.


The customers coming to the restaurant are mainly the familiar ones since 1980, 1990. They can enjoy in the restaurant or take away.

The vally 150 on Nguyen Trai street is a famous address in District 1 with many famous dishes such as Com tam, sticky rice and bread.

The restaurant opens from 5:30 a.m to 12 a.m, in crowed days maybe sooner. The price for this dish is 25,000VND.

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