Savor the unique and tasty Hai Duong golden dragon green bean cakes

Referring to Hai Duong, everyone will immediately think of the sweet green bean cake, which has long become a specialty of Hai Duong as well as Vietnam.

Found in the early 20th century in the town of Hai Duong, green bean cake soon became the most characteristic of Hai Duong, a small area in the Red River Delta. Hai Duong green bean cake is well-know with the special structure, characteristic flavor, and strong sweet taste.

Green bean cake is a special dish that many people, including both the domestic people and foreigners, have fallen in love as soon as they taste it. Green bean cakes enjoyed with green tea will create a characteristic Vietnamese flavor.

From the rustic ingredients..

Hai Duong green bean cake is famous not only as a typical dish of the capital area but also by the delicious and simple favor attached to the village, made from the rustic and familiar ingredients in the garden under the hands of skilled workers.

About ingredients, making a green bean cake Vietnam is not too picky but simple and rustic, containing the characteristic flavor of the Northern countryside. To make the cake, the pure green bean powder must be used to keep the true fragrance. A well-made cake must be greasy and it still remains the featured green bean fragrance.

This is an engaging gift on a trip to Hai Duong province

Materials for processing the green bean cake include green beans, crystallized sugar, lard, and essential oil of grapefruit. All must be selected and processed purely. The cakes then are cut into small cubes, wrapped in silver foil into small boxes or wrapped in greaseproof paper into pieces. The wrapping paper and the color of the label must be carefully considered to keep the long duration and the beauty of the cake.

Today, green bean cake Vietnam has changed with the trend of the time that there are a variety of new flavors such as green tea bean cake, durian bean cake, taro bean cake, lotus seed bean cake, and coconut bean cake, etc.

Especially, enjoying Hai Duong green bean cakes with Thai Nguyen green tea is the most delicious way. The sweetness and fatness of the cake with the acrid, little bitter taste of the tea will raise the taste of the . When sipping a piece of cake and tea, the gentle sweetness and aroma of the green bean cake will spread out.

..To the attractions

Referring to Hai Duong, everyone cannot help thinking about green bean cakes. The land of Red River Delta is rich in natural products, bringing to Hai Duong green bean cakes a strange charm. The pure taste of the is unforgettable if visitors have a chance to enjoy the cake once.

According to the people who make green bean cakes in Hai Duong, in the past, when King Bao Dai went through the town of Hai Duong, people dedicated a type of cake made of green beans which are sweet and frugal. After enjoying, the king really enjoyed, appreciated the tasty flavor of the cakes, and praised people here. The cake is fresh, sweet, smooth, and suitable for tea.

King Bao Dai, after returning to the palace, issued a decree praising the Hai Duong green bean cakes. In the form of the decree, there was an image of a “Golden Dragon” – the symbol of the authority of the king. Since then, Hai Duong green bean cake had a new name of “Golden Dragon Green Bean Cake” and the wrap of the cakes has always had a golden dragon image, representing the royal. The name has so far been a private label to distinguish it from the green bean cake in other provinces. A golden dragon green bean cake can be considered a marvel, the result of a skillful art.

Green beans used to make Hai Duong green bean cake must be selected carefully

Currently, Hai Duong city has more than 50 green bean cake manufacturers, including many famous brands such as Royal Golden Dragon, Bao Hien, Nguyen Huong, Bao Long, Ba Tien, Hoa An, Minh Ngoc, Tien Dung, Ky Anh, Que Huong, and Golden Dragon, etc along the major streets in the city, especially along the expressway Hanoi – Hai Phong. Hai Duong green bean cake is the most meaningful gift for the sons living far away from the homeland and the visitors to the city. Furthermore, the green bean cake products are exported to China and Europe.

For a long time, through many ups and downs, through many changes, Hai Duong green bean cake in the heart of each person still retains a certain love and favorite. If you like this specialty of Hai Duong in particular and Vietnam in general, don’t hesitate to like and share this with others. Thank you.

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