The eatery of grilled fermented pork roll and Hue cakes in Saigon

If you have the opportunity to go to the area behind Ban Co market (the alley 51 Cao Thang, District 03) in the early afternoon, you can see many attractive eateries. There is a small parking space for customer to feel free when wandering to find the favorite dishes such as Tieu porridge, Hu tieu, Chinese sweet soup, Summer rolls, snails and Banh uot (wet cake). Among them, the most outstanding one is the eatery of Hue cakes in fornt of the house No. 51/75.


Located at a corner of old things area in Ban Co market, District 3, the eatery of Hue Beo cake opens in a very short time every day, from 2:00 p.m to about 4:00 p.m and always be crowded in many years. Although this eatery only opens in 2 hours every day, the grilled fermented pork roll with Beo cake dipping into spicy fish sauce in this eatery on the sidewalk will make you never forget.

Fermented pork rolls

Fermented pork rolls

In here, there are a lot of types of Hue cakes for customers to choose such as Banh bot loc (Clear dumplings), Banh beo (Beo cake), Banh it tran (Boiled It cake), Banh uot (Wet cake) and Banh nam (Nam cake). Beo cake in here is nothing special compared to that of other eateries. It is still thin Beo cake which is covered by fresh shrimp eliminated the shell and crushed. Nam cake has a medium taste but a little greasy and the clear dumpling is also good. All kinds of Hue cakes in here are served with delicious sweet fish sauce which is prepared by the owner in advance. If you can eat spicy food, you can add some slices of chili. At the top of the dish is an attractive layer of oil with spring onion and fried bread (similar to the eatery of Hue cake in the Old Market or the eatery at 18A Cao Ba Nha street in the district 1).

However, the top dish of this eatery is not the familiar Hue cakes but side dishes – The grilled fermented pork roll on the coal stove. Unlike the traditional kinds of Nem lui, the fermented pork roll in Hue is sour and tough. When being grilled, it has a good smelling and often served with the spicy fish sauce to have a true taste. The two chefs have to keep the fire in many hours to meet the demand of the customers coming to the eatery. Many people come here just for some skewers of the grilled fermented pork roll. A mixed plate of Hue cakes in here includes Beo cake, Nam cake and clear dumpling serving with meat skewers and the grilled fermented pork roll.

A plate of Hue cakes is really attractive and you just pour the fish sauce with chili to have a good dish. Some people said that the fish sauce in here is sweeter than the original one in Hue. But it is reasonable, because it is sold in Saigon, humoring the local customers is to attract more diners coming here.

Delicious dishes in Hue

Delicious dishes in Hue

This eatery is very small with just some tables put in the front of the house on the alley, so it has not much seats It is very cramped and hot if you come here in the afternoon, therefore, in here, the plastic box to take away is always available for the passers. A special serving includes Hue sausage to have a true flavor.

The price is 25,000 – 40,000VND/plate (depended on the type of dish).

The most noticeable point is that in the rush hours of this eatery, thw owner and all staffs are very busy in placing the cakes into the plate to serve for many customers.

Hue food itself has become a part of Saigon cuisine. Coming here and eating Hue cake is very normal (and probably not going to Hue to eat Hu tieu or Com tam Saigon, right!). Comfortable and open, the Saigon people are always ready to welcome all the trends … and turn it into a part of this city.

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