The things snails and seafood do to bun (P2)


Minced secret

Central Vietnam is a region for gourmets to enjoy a large variety of seafood dishes. One of these, one not to be missed, is the bun cha ca.

Bun with fish is not rare in Vietnam. Hai Phong, Thai Binh and Hanoi have their own bun ca  specialities, but bun cha ca in Da Nang is more special for the fish used.


In the central city, unlike in the other places, the dish is served either with steamed fish or fried minced fish with dill and pepper. Da Nang cooks have their own “secret” for ways to get their crunchy and tasty fish.

To make a good broth, the cook simmers fish bones and pork bones for hours. The big pan of broth is put on the burning fire to keep it hot. When the dish is ordered, the cook takes some bun in a bowl, pour boiling broth on it, and tops it with slices of minced fish and chopped scallion.

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