Top 10 attractive dishes in the biggest market in Da Nang

Con market in is considered as a paradise of snacks with many eateries selling famous dishes such as Bun mam (Rice noodle and fish sauce), Oc xao (Stirred-fried snails), Banh canh and Jackfruit salad…


Coming to Con market, you can choose street vendors, eateries on the sidewalk or restaurants with many tables and chairs for customers, depending on your hobby and demand of cuisine discovery.

At the main gate of the market, there is a colorful Tam cake eatery. The cake is very sticky and covered by coconut to create a sweet and attractive flavor for the cake. You can enjoy this dish with only 5000VND.  

To make this cake, the cassava roots are pared and cleaned, then soaked in the salty water (about half of a day). After being soaked carefully, the cassava is rubbed down and squeezed. Finally, the clear water in above is eliminated and the flour below is kept.

The next step is mixing the flour with sugar and other flours in a suitable rate. The colors of the cake are made from the natural materials such as the panda leaves, the coconut milk and carrot…

The hot pot of Banh canh attracts many customers everyday. You can choose Banh canh cha ca (rice noodle soup with fish rolls) at the price of 30,000VND or Banh canh ghe (rice noodle soup with sea crab) at the price of 60,000VND. The most famous one in the market is Be Ba eatery which has a strong flavor broth by original materials.

Along the culinary area in the market, there are many eateries selling Jackfruit salad with pork skin or Goi Mit. This dish is the combination of sweet jackfruit, crispy pork skin and the good smelling of roasted peanuts, fried onion, chili and herbs… All the ingredients create an attractive dishe. A plate of jackfruit salad costs 10,000-20,000VND.

Thu Ha eatery is most famous for Stirred-fried snails with coconut milk or Oc xao dua. The most special thing of this dish is the flavor of coconut milk, the crispiness of snails and the spiciness of chili fish sauce. The price of eah plate of Stirred-fried snails with coconut milk in here varies from 30,000VND, depending on the size of the plate.

Banh Cuon or rolled rice cake is often served with pork pie, fried onion and Banh ram it or Ram It cake is the combination of 2 types of cakes with the basic ingredients including sticky rice, green bean flour and shrimp flour. The spicy fish sauce is an indispensable element. The price of a serving is 20,000VND.

This is a typical dish of the central cuisine. When the waiter brings the bowl of Bun mam nem, the dinners can feel immediately the good smelling of Nem sauce and the strong spiciness of chili. The eatery of Ms Trinh’s Bun mam in the inside culinary area is the most famous one. The price of a bowl of Bun mam with roasted pork is 20,000VND.

A bowl of rice noodle with fish rolls which is featured by many chilis and dried onion attracts the customer right in the decoration. To cook a bowl of Bun cha ca with the naturally sweet broth, the chef has to choose the freshest fishes and carefully processed them. The fresh vegetables help the dish strengthen its flavor. The price of a bowl is 15,000-20,000VND.

Choosing the ingredients for this dish is very complicated. The rice paper must be exposed in the dew and has the featured smelling of the rice. The best pork is boiled and soaked in the broth to make the pork become sticky and have a natural white color. The most famous one is Ms Ha’s eatery at No 12 Dinh 15A). A serving for a person is 30,000VND and 2 people is 50,000VND.

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