Tuong Ban – Ban soy sauce – The soul of common Vietnamese dishes

Hung Yen is a small province in the heart of the Red River Delta in the north of Vietnam. This province has a rich traditional culture which related to many historical stories and legends as well as is the land of many specialties such as Hung Yen longan fruit, Ban soy sauce, etc. Ban soy sauce is a special sauce used in the daily meals of northern Vietnamese families. So, there is a old sentence that: “I miss my hometown whenever I am far away from it. Missing the water spinach soup and pickled garden egg dipping with the soy sauce as well”.

is a small province in the heart of the Red River Delta in the North of Vietnam, having a favorable road, waterway and railway system for social, cultural and economic exchanges and development. Hung Yen is also the place that celebrities including great famous physician Hai Thuong Lan Ong and general Pham Ngu Lao rose up originally…Visiting Hung Yen, you can go to Pho Hien, Da Hoa, Da Trach relics correlating with Chu Dong Tu – Tien Dung legend.

Hung Yen is the only non-mountain province in Vietnam, the entire territory of the province is located in the flat area of the Red River Delta. So, it is very convenient for people to exchange the culture and economy.

Hung Yen people are endowed by the nature, land and river with precious specialties having rich local characteristics, of which are fruits and unique dishes including Tuong Ban (Ban soy sauce)

To Vietnamese people “soy sauce and garden-egg” are family basics. Soy sauce is a community  Ban soy sauce is famous because it is made from large-grain sticky rice, small-grain soy bean, and in particular dinged-well water to make the sauce. There is only one well in Ban Village to supply the water to make the soy sauce, which is not used for shower and other activities.

Making soy sauce is an art. Soy beans must be roasted with soil; the bean is brown and then fermented with sweet potatoes and lotus leaves; mould is formed; the form must be spongy and light; the jar must be clean and soaked in water for several times; the sauce must be fermented in sunny days; then a stick (the stick type is always used for stirring the soy) is used to stir well from top to bottom of the jar for several times then the jar is covered with a china bucket; sunlight not heat is prevented; the longer the soy sauce is ripen, the better it is.

Ban Yen Nhan villagers start to make Ban soy sauce from March to October in the lunar calendar, but the best time to make this soy sauce is in June. Because according to the opinion of ancient people, June is the month of dragon’s blood, it is time the water source is the freshest.

From generations, Ban soy sauce has made the soul of many tasty dishes and seduces the tongues of many human lifetimes. Ban soy sauce made from the native ingredients has undergone a long journey to spread out the regions of country. Nowadays, Ban soy sauce is considered not only a kind of seasoning, but also a special gift for the people who live away from their homeland or visitors who accidentally visit the land of Hung Yen.

Ban soy sauce is very familiar with people who was born and grown up in the north of Vietnam. It is an indispensable seasoning in every meals of Vietnamese people beside the fish sauce. It is used with the boiled vegetables and other dishes.

The beef is dipped into the white wine, and drain it. Then, mixing it with Ban soy sauce and other seasonings. After 30 minutes, putting the beef on the grill. Depending on your taste, you can decide how long to grill it. When the beef is ripe, slicing it into the thin slices and enjoy it.

This dish is very popular with men, it often appears in the drinking parties. The flavor of Ban soy sauce will sooth the smell of the goat meat.

Stewed pork meat with Ban soy sauce is a common dish that is very suitable for enjoying with the rice. The taste of Ban soy sauce makes the meat sweeter and fatter.

The flavor of Ban soy sauce is irresistable even when trying once. Ban soy sauce nowadays is not only a specialty of Hung Yen but also a valuable gift for those who desires to the flavor of the homeland. If you want to know more about , please contact us via Thank you!

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