Ngoc Ha flower village

Ngoc Ha is flowers village. Regarding to the floriculture, providing flowers for Hanoi to mentioning Ngoc Ha village the first, then to the village Huu Tiep, Dai Yen … This village form long time ago … Ancient books have recorded the last time Tran dynasty, Tran Chau general bring about Thang Long in 1526, has garrison troops in Hoang Hoa maket.
French time of the Ngoc Ha village flower very famous. It is not growing peach blossom as Nghi Tam, Quang Ba, Nhat Tan village, but is the flower of the year, during the month … Roses, daisy, violet, gladious, butterflies, especially with lilies and Phăng flower (carnation) more


Often the morning, elegant the girls , first round wire chit tissue, mailed death, that is blue, the buff slippers, crooked deal as girls go Huong pagodas throughout the poet by Nguyen Nhuoc Phap, gently to carry flower into town.

Through the Western city, and old street, other city people, they sell flowers, often for the French official, Vietnam official, the ancient trading city … Many of her acquaintances in the sale of Dong Xuan market, the Hom maket, or delivery of goods to shops selling flowers here
Specifically, the fifteenth of the lunar month, the first of the month, they often the goods harden for acquaintances. Packages are also flowers in the package is Rong- Dieng leaf, scroll or break square or round corner, forced by a bamboo string very thin and then suspended door at each home.

In the package also has flowers roses, Ylang ylang, magnolia and few flowers flower branch wood fibers or flowers … just enough out in a small disk, with mediation perfume  incense insurgent spirit of Buddha and the first months or midway months …
Flowers that the village is also where elegant boys than girls , is the time to convert each other, put together to visit, then purchase the gift a dozen beautiful roses bloom best, or ask a gladiolus for a wedding soon to.After this, the land of rare … People sell the garden, field grown flowers, even fill pond then flowers beautiful ancient village hours only memories in the elderly. Ngoc Ha minutes remaining only a short side street outside the garden Bach Thao, the first Tay Son street, where a small market, also named Ngoc Ha market. Ngoc Ha Street not long to four, five hundred meters …
Top of Ngoc Ha street is a one home to worship Huyen Thien Hac De, one to hold the northern communes. Ngoc Ha is also the vestiges of history. On 5-12-1898, the Ngoc Ha has with Nhue, Vong, Cot insurgent army, according to Nguyen Thanh and Nguyen Quang Hoan, occupy France military post in Ngoc Ha.
After the National resistance day, 20-12-1946 night, to self-defend the neighborhood and defend one’s country make an ambush this military post again, break through french’s plan attacks to expand the western city …
In 12 day Dien Bien Phu in air, a part of the B52 was exposed at the sides of the lake in the Ngoc Ha village.

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