30 year-old Chao long eatery in Saigon

If you feel hungry at night in Saigon, do not worry, a hot bowl of Chao long with a plate of boiled pig organs and a small bowl of chili fish sauce will make you full immediately. In the culinary culture of Saigon, the porridge is considered one of the delicious street food at the … Read more

4 delicious dishes of Ede ethnic group

Forest leaf hotpot, bitter eggplant soup and grilled bamboo shoot stirring with the cow’s organs are chosen by Ede ethnic group to invite guests. >> The bitter eggplant is the fruit which grows wildly on the fields. The tree has many spikes and fruits all year round. The fruits are small and bitter. Almost of … Read more

Vietnamese Lunar Calendar

Prior to adoption of the Western solar calendar system, Vietnamese poeple exclusively followed a lunar calendar in determining the times of planting, harvesting, and festival occasions. Though today, people in Vietnam use the western calendar for most practical matters of daily life, the old system still serves as the basis for determining numerous seasonal holidays. … Read more

Bun moc

Every morning, on Nguyen An Ninh street, district 1, there is a restaurant which is always full of customers and only serves one dish, Bun moc with the price of 55,000VND/ bowl. >> >> This dish comes from Hanoi and its name is originated from the name of a village in Nhan Chinh district, Hanoi, … Read more