Part 2: Interesting trekking places for the youth

In addition to interesting trekking places that we introduced previously, here are the remaining ones that are also ravishing

6. Hong Linh Mountain, Ha Tinh province

Hong Linh is a mountain range in Ha Tinh province, Vietnam. The mountains famously have 99 peaks. There are also many caves, streams and a pond in the back of the mountain and foot of the mountain. 

It has about 100 temples and shrines. There are ancient temples like temple or pagoda Chan Tien Huong Tich, where people still footprints horse and foot on a rock (the legend attached to the ceiling of Tien Giang). Majestic scenery, dreaming of Hong Linh was the birthplace of the great poets of Vietnam – Nguyen Du, a world cultural celebrity.

7.Bach Ma (White Horse) Mount, Thua Thien Hue

Bach Ma (White Horse) Mount is 60 km south of Hue city. It is still a famous resort. It is about 1,450m above sea level in a transition zone of the northern and southern climate, so it bears a temperate climate, similar to Sapa, Tam Dao, Da Lat, etc. There, the green vegetation is abundant all the year round. The animals are also rich with chirps and calls all days and nights which sound both wild and familiar…

To explore Bach Ma Mount, visitors will follow a series of unique trails as Tri Sao, Do Quyen, Ngu Ho trail or especially Hai Vong Dai trail. For each one, visitors will discover many different landscapes.

8.Chua Chan Mountain, Dong Nai

Chua Chan mountain ( so called Gia Ray mountain or Gia Lao mountain) is a charming famous landscape in Xuan Loc district.

Reaching a height of 800 meters, having a imposing shape and being towering mountain, having high, dangerous and sheer rocks and thick forest with thousands of plants and animals, waterfall pouring down throughout the year, Chua Chan mountain is compared with the “roof” of the South East.

9.Ba Den Mountain, Tay Ninh

Ba Den Mountain (Black Virgin Mountain) is a mountain in the Tay Ninh Province of Vietnam. Ba Den Mountain is located 11 km NorthEast of Tay Ninh and 106 km from Ho Chi Minh City. It is an historical and beautiful site covering an area of more than 24 km2. Ba Den Mountain is also called Black Lady Mountain. Mountain name attached to the story of the girl named Thi Thien Huong who was forced to marry the son of a rich mandarin while her true love was fighting the aggressors. Rather than marrying a man she did not love, she threw herself from the mountain.

Ba Den mountain attracts many pilgrims due to majestic mountains, caves, and many magnificent temples. It takes you about 2 hours to start a journey from cable car stop station to the top.

10.Ba Ra mountain, Binh Phuoc

Ba Ra mountain is located in Phuoc Long District, Binh Phuoc Province, 180 km from Ho Chi Minh City.

Ba Ra Mountain is a beautiful spot. The high mountain top with luxurious and dense trees stretches out from a low area of hills. Ba Ra, as imposing as Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh Province, offers an incredible panoramic view from its peak. Around Ba Ra, there are many interesting sites to visit. Standing at the peak of the mountain, you can have an incredible panoramic view of luxurious and dense trees stretching out from an area of low hills. 

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We strongly believe that youths must trek and experience the lifestyle of Himalayas. The treks that we had mentioned above are the best and possible treks to do in Vietnam for youths. Furthermore, if you want to trek in the high Himalayas such as the world’s tallest mountain, Mount Everest, you can visit and do .

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