Vietnam Hotel Booking Online Tips

With the advent of online booking sites, booking a place for a trip to Vietnam has never been such easy and convenient like that.

However, online booking also exists many problems:

Sometimes, price of online booking ismuch higher than direct reservation’s, hotel information on the website is notthe same as reality, the methods of payment are complex and not secured, theprestige of the site is not high … And it’s time to consider and choose areputable website.

These are some experiences in onine hotel booking in Vietnam for you toconsider:

1. Identify information needed

To determine destination, date ofarrival, length of stay, hotel name (if any), etc.

2. Choose a reputable website to book

Nowadays, in Vietnam, there are manyonline booking sites; each site has different policy on pricing. To ensure thatnot to encounter risks as unclear price, bad hotel quality, unofficialwebsites… you should choose a reputable website managed by a reputable brandin Vietnam as to book, which ismanaged by Asianwaytravel, a professional inbound tourism brand certified as a Vietnamese prestige brand in 2011.

3 Compare prices

Each online booking page has its ownpolicy on pricing. To make sure to find a room with the best price, you shouldcheck out and compare prices between websites. You could also use intermediatesites like or More carefully, you can check the prices by directly calling the hotel orcomparing prices of the travel agents.

Checking directly with the hotel willhelp you to get a better price if the hotel is running promotion program, whichonly applies to customers booking directly.

4 Refer to information from several sources

In addition, you should refer to thereviews of your desired hotel on the booking websites or through travel forumposts to be able to choose the hotel that satisfies yourself.

5. Check carefully methods of payment and security policies

Another important thing is to check themethods of payment and security policies of the online booking websites.

In addition, high-security paymentwebsite, enabling users to rest assured in the implementation of their transactions.

6. Finally, remember to reconfirm your booking by contacting thehotel directly via phone or email to ensure there are no errors for your trip.


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