Xuan Dai Bay

Arriving at Phu Yen, a province situated in South-Central Coast of Vietnam, a large number of tourists has been fascinated with the scenery of the sea, the mountains, the sky and the clouds of Xuan Dai bay together with the famous special foods here. The Bay is known as the the gift endowed to Phu Yen by the nature.

Traveling about 45 kilometers to the north of Tuy Hoa city, tourists  will stop at Xuan Dai Bay. The National Highway 1A runs along the western bank of Xuan Dai bay, to the North and to the South, on arriving at the top of Doc Gang slope, visitors can easily enjoy a partial view of Xuan Dai bay. Boats and ships can enter from the estuary of the bay or exit from the ports of Dan Phuoc, Tien Chau, etc make a sightseeing tour around the entire bay.

The surface area of the bay is about 13.000 acres. The estuary of the bay is about 4.4 kilometers wide, with the depth from 7 meters to 18 meters; the bank of the bay is about 50 kilometers long, running through various areas of different terrain with rather interesting names such as Ganh Den (light reef), Mui Da Ong (Laterite Cape), Ganh Den (Black reef), Ganh Do (Red reef), Vung Lam bay, Vung Mam bay, Vung Dong bay, Vung Su bay, Vung Chao bay, Vung Me bay, Vung La bay, Bai Om beach, Tu Nham beach, Dong Tranh cape, Ganh Tuong cape, Hon Mom islet, Tai Ma cape, Ganh Ba reef, Ong Xa islet, Nhat Tu Son island, Con Ca islet.

On the south-east side of the bay are Da Dia reef, Hon Lao Mai Nha islet; In the north are Tu Nham beach, Cu Mong lagoon, Vung Vuong bay, Bai Tram beach, Bai Nom beach, in the sea there are various coral reefs and sea-weeds.

The scenery of the sea, the mountains, the sky and the clouds of Xuan Dai bay together with the famous special foods here such as jumping oysters, perfume snails, shrimps, etc has been fascinating so many poets and tourists

Xuan Dai bay surrounded by mountains and sea
The natural landscape recalled
The vestiges of the ancient God temple
And Tien Chau boat festival
The two rivers join into one with the tide up and down
With reefs of scattered rocks on three sides
Green sea-pines on white sand ground
The forest in the natural site


Xuan Dai bay has witnessed a lot of historic events: in the years of 1775 “ 1801, there was a sea-battle between the Tay Son army and the Nguyen Dynasty; during the World War II, the navy ship of the Japanese Royal Ship was sunk in the middle of Xuan Dai bay by the allied war-planes; Vung Lam bay used to be the most bustling trading port of Phu Yen in the past, the door connecting Phu Yen to the outer trading worlds.

Near Xuan Dai bay, there are famous landscapes such as Da Dia reef, O Loan lagoon, Cu Mong lagoon, etc, which are ideal places for organizing various types of tourism activities such as mountain climbing, sea-diving, boat-racing, wind-surfing and exploring the sea.


If you have never visited Phu Yen and come to Xuan Dai Bay before, now please come to Xuan Dai bay to explore and experience the gift endowed to Phu Yen by the nature.

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