Northern cuisine – Finicality in the way of processing

is divided into three geographical regions: North, Central and South. Although there are common features in the dining style, 3 regions still have different characteristics by region, making the feature difficult to mix.

The feature of northern cuisine

The feature of northern cuisine is often not too spicy, fatty and sweet like in other regions. The dish is balanced, not too intense but colorful; mainly used diluted fish sauce, shrimp sauce, many vegetables and freshwater fish species easily available such as shrimp, crabs, fish, clams, mussels etc. And in general, due to the ancient tradition of poor farming, Northern cuisine was less prevalent in the past with the main ingredients of meat and fish.

Northern cuisine – the spirit of a long-standing culture

Northern is bold in the spirit of a long-standing culture. Coming to the rendezvous which was the capital of many dynasties, and Hanoi was regarded as the elite cuisine of the North with delicious dishes such as Pho, bun thang, bun cha, bun oc, com lang Vong (Vong village’s green sticky rice) and banh cuon Thanh Tri (Thanh Tri rolled cakes) as well as special spices like Ca cuong, Lang basil.

Northern cuisine – Finicality in the way of processing

Northern cuisine not only has a very distinctive character, each dish has the hallmarks and characteristics of each land, representing the way of fussily processing, decorations and levels of subtle enjoyment. It is unnatural that the ancients gave the ancient land the phrase “eat in the North of Vietnam,” perhaps because the food in the Northern cuisine is tastefu;, not intense and especially respects its nature.

Derived from thoroughness, skill and sophistication in processing; especially in the holidays, the dexterity is shown more clearly with the “high tray”, each tray must be “four bowls and six dishes” which are processed sophisticatedly, delicious and also eye-catching.
Northern cuisine is not only focused on dishes of the holiday, but also has another characteristic very “Northern”: the cakes. The cakes are not dishes in meals, but they bring a lot of eagerness, especially, it holds many beautiful memories in the childhood of each of these northerners.Northern cuisine is like this, not so splendid, brilliant, but it is full of emotion as a poem of art. But above all, people see the beauty and the greatness in the Northern cuisine is the love, the earnest love to the homeland.


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Nothern pho – an international specialty

Pho is a special gift of Hanoi, because not only Hanoi has Pho, but because only in Hanoi, Pho is delicious.
Delicious Pho must be “classic” pho, cooked with beef. The broth is clear and sweet, the noodle is not crushed, the meat is crunchy, not brittle with lemon, chili and onion. Pho was very popular in Hanoi in the 1940s: “It is a food of all kinds, especially civil servants and workers. People eat pho in breakfast, lunch and dinner.
As a familiar image, many people when referring to Hanoi, the mind has in mind to imagine the Pho restaurants across the streets or located deep in narrow alleys … Long time ago, people in Hanoi has formed the habit of eating pho to enjoy the vibrant life of the streets and to return to the traditional culinary culture.
Northern cuisine – Finicality in the way of processing

It seems that poor quality pho will not survive to the gourmet Hanoians. Pho Hanoi has the sweet essence of cow bone, the aroma of meat has just ripe to remain flexible but not long. Water color of noodle soup is claer with thin and soft pho. Only look at the bowl of pho is enough to see the specialties in food of Hanoi. A handful of pho noodles are over the hot soft water spreading in the bowl, on the thin slices of meat and some green onions and herbs, some yellow ginger and some slices of ​​red pepper.

Hanoi is famous for Pho Thin – Lo Duc, Pho Bat Dan … Recently, Hanoians have created many dishes from traditional noodles such as rolled Pho, stir fried noodles, fried noodles. But not stop there, more and more customers want to discover new features in the food. So recently, Hanoi appeared some new pho restaurants with unique styles such as Pho Square, Pho 24 … although the name is different but the motto of every restaurant is always to cook traditional Hanoi pho for gourmets.
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