Nui Chua National Park likes as the forests of bonsai trees

The resources of Nui Chua National Park are not only abundant and diverse in biological elements but also have endemic, rare, and valuable characteristics, very useful to scientific research and protection of the gene resource, and contribute to economic benefits, especially eco-tourism. 

 Ninh Thuan Province is considered “a desert” of Vietnam and Nui Chua National Park is a typical example. there are rows of cacti growing on the hill and mountain slopes. The trees growing on the rocky land look scrawny but full of vitality and there is a forest of apricot trees that look like bonsai trees, but in spring they change into yellow blossoms, producing a beautiful landscape. It said that the forests in Nui Chua are like the forests of bonsai trees.  There are scenes of mountains overlapping mountains and rocks overlapping rocks. Its landscape is so beautiful that you want to stop many times to contemplate and take photographs. 

 Nui Chua National Park has an area of 29,865ha, including 22,513ha of land and 7,352ha of sea, which is a complex of mountains lying near the coastline, called Nui Chua. Its terrain is highly sloping and divided by streams. The climate here is dry compared with other localities in Ninh Thuan Province. This place attracts visitors with many attractions on Da Vach Mountain that run along the beaches. One of them is the Treo Lake on the top of the mountain, which has a diameter of 80m, with blue water all year round even though it is located in one of the driest areas in Vietnam.  After visiting the relics on the mountain, tourists can also spend time on the beautiful beaches on the 40km long. They can play along the beaches or travel around on a glass-bottom boat to witness the beauty of corals underneath. In addition, they can visit Hom Beach, a natural breeding ground for some rare turtles on the East Sea.

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